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  1. Bob_SS

    I wish

    I was fantasizing about these being speakers
  2. Bob_SS

    I wish

    These are AC units I saw at a HVAC show in Chicago
  3. I used to have an xpression mahogany, at $1000, it was perfect. the debut Carbon gets nothing but good press at $400. the $200 price point must be an issue for them. Problem is my gf loves that it has a klipsch decal on it. Maybe I’ll buy a decal and slap it on a rega planar 3 😉
  4. It was brand new and sealed. It was a gift I gave for Christmas . I’m sure Amazon will refund me even if the seller ghosts me
  5. Tried contacting the seller, tried emailing pro-ject, tried calling pro-ject- nothing I cannot recommend this product, Amazon, or pro-ject
  6. Less than a month, I’m returning mine. The bearing has developed chatter so the platter growls!!
  7. Current wishlist: NBS Preamp Juicy Blueberry Extreme Parks Budgie with Schiit Freya VRD Amps Decware Zen TOR2
  8. I’m really impressed with this forum too, quite different than the usual. I did a signal sweep youtube to chrome cast to tv to carver. i am hearing some white noise in one speaker when it sweeps through 175 hz to 300 or so, it’s consistent white noise although the tone is low. There is a slight flabbiness to it. there is another anomaly in the other speaker up around 3000 hz, it’s white noise too with some interesting electronic burbling. I would suspect filter issues rather than driver problems. i honestly don’t hear anything bad during playback of music. what is the best woofer upgrade for these? during the sweep, 32hz is clean, 45hz is strong, by 75 it’s full and flat. OMG just discovered this
  9. I went to high school at U High. I would hang out in the soundproof room after school...frequently. They always let me listen to whatever I wanted! They knew I had no money and they taught me a lot. Imagine Metallica through Linn, conrad Johnson and B&W
  10. Nope, nothing wrong with these speakers, now I can hear how sh!tty my turntable is :( I can actually hear the needle leaning against the outboard side of the grove. I don’t know what to call that, drag or tracking error? the wow and flutter is sad too. Ive always had 2 way bass reflex with big SS Watts. these are as transformative as some of the magneplanars I’ve heard. this is a great forum too. Thank you for your input. I may start a gofundmytubes page.
  11. I can solder, so a written procedure would help. I’m a manufacturing engineer. The more time I spend with them, the more I’m impressed. I’ve already had a few goosebump moments, even though I have no preamp. Worse yet, If I’m not using the turntable, all sources are PlayStation 3 passing through a sharp tv! There were moments during lord of the rings, two towers, where I said, did you feel that? these are not broken! the last march of the Ents The horn of Helm Hammerland gungabad -bad anmar who knew there was such a thing as a LOTR horn compilation? if they sound this good through the worst possible feed, I can’t imagine how great it will be with some good tube gear. saving$ now Paging Dr. Ostby...
  12. New project: Klipsch LaScala carver tfm45,replacing with NOS VRD looking for pre... Parks Budgie, Schiit Freya or Juicey Blueberry turntable, looking at Linn Magic, Rega p6, Technics 1210GR
  13. Oppo 105 Pro-ject Xpression Bryston BP26mm Bryston 4BSST Dynaudio Contour 1.3 kimber speaker cable Bryston XLR
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