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  1. Veaux


    Any clue on what shipping to a warehouse in Houston would cost? Edit: nevermind I've been drinking, I don't need more subwoofers😂
  2. Veaux

    Down in Houston

  3. I can check when I get home later this afternoon
  4. I have another person who has messaged me about it and if they don't want it you're next in line
  5. Still available if you're interested.
  6. @lkirkpatrick picked up the Cornwalls yesterday, (He is a solid individual) Marantz 1060 is going to FedEx today for @jimjimbo Eico HF-35 monoblocks are still available!
  7. This was the original for sale thread, they look exactly the same and Joe returned them to me because of a buzz or a hum on one of them that he didn't want to deal with the hassle of getting it fixed. Will take 500 shipped.
  8. Folded horn for a 15" subwoofer. It's been duratex'd on the outside.
  9. @jimjimbo I dunno if you noticed but I'm never selling those super heresy's 😂
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