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  1. 3 minutes ago, Maximus89 said:

    Thanks for the tips.  Last time i tried to bring the black satin back to new was with Chorus II and i sanded and sanded and sanded and still had lots of black left. Eventually i just ate through the oak veneer grain and used citristrip to get the rest of the black off and used a danish walnut oil.
    Here's a photo:
    While it came out okay, it didn't do anything to hide damaged veneer in places and or the veneer i sanded too far on(mostly the risers). I later rattle canned it matte black with a satin laquer spray to hide defects for sale, but you could tell the grain was gone. 

    Now i've got some black satin CF-3's that i need to refresh, or decide if i want to veneer. Walnut or Cherry Klipsch are so rare to come by in my experience. Black looks awesome on the modern Klipsch because they're matched grains and large grain patterns that really pop in the light.  I think they use Ash now.  Older Klipsch i believe was red oak painted black and the grain patterns were all over the place, mine of course having small and thin grain patterns which aren't ideal aesthetically for me. 


    Hi Maximus89.

    I just refurbed a pair of CF-3's that were painted black back to OEM Medium Oak. See my thread here. 


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  2. 1 hour ago, mckenzie said:

    hi, new to the forum and a new owner of a pair of Klipsch forte II ,received with one of the tweeter horns broken ,magnet laying in bottom of the cabinet, so I peeked inside peeked inside the cabinet, the bass drivers are marked  made by Fender is that correct ? one cabinet was stuffed with a wool like material the other was not ? what would the horns cost to repair ? thanks in advance 

    Sounds like you were not sold original parts. The Forte II woofers should say Klipsch K-25-K and the rear passive would be marked Klipsch KD-15. Here is a link to the Klipsch Forte II specs. 



    For the tweeter horn, search ebay for the Forte II /  K-75-K. The K-79-K, the K-76-K and the K-84-K are all the same "plastic horn" piece as the K-75 with different driver motors. Buy any of those and bolt it on to your K-75-K driver, exact fit.

    I would go after whoever you bought the forte II's from as a scammer worthy of a discount if they were sold as original. Keep the speakers, you can restore them back to OEM. The wool material is also not OEM. It is supposed to be grey foam rubber pieces.


  3. 8 hours ago, Jrodtowerdog said:

     Hello, this is my first post in this forum and I have a question. I would like to know the value of my Klipsch bookshelf speakers model number KG 1.5 Walnut? They are in Mint condition and sound even better.

    Thank you in advance.


    "Fair condition" but worth the $50 asking price. Good luck with your sale.

  4. 19 hours ago, 2Spike said:

    Hey Crunchman12001 its me Jim Yes Iam one  happy camper on the purchase of my first Klipsch speakers. Can you send me a link to the speaker cables you were talking about, I have the memory  of a 63 year old man😂

    Hey Jim,

    Sent you a link on the wires.

     Welcome to the Epic Owners Group. Here is a great link to learn about your new CF-3's. This is to post #1 on this thread.


  5. 9 minutes ago, Emile said:

    Good price for the buyer ... paid more for mine :D 

    He was happy. I am happy, so all good for both of us.

    I had them listed for $900, dropped to $800, I accepted $700.

    I learned a lot from you guys about the Epic series, hopefully you learned a little from me.

    Good news is, I got some cash to find another score.


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  6. On 1/1/2020 at 10:36 PM, mustangerfourlife said:

    How did you disassemble the plastic on the front and the rear wood on your CF3s?

    Thanks in advanced.I was thinking of getting the Black off mine.I redid an old pair of Quartets that had walnut under them.These seem to have cherry or walnut.the grain looks smooth like walnut or cherry.


    Hi mustangerfourlife,

    I only removed the front baffle. If you pull out the speaker grill sockets on the front baffle you will find 6 screws. There are also 2 more screws under the tweeter horn. A total of 8 screws hold the front baffle on. After you remove the screws, you can pull the front baffle off. It is held in place with a sticky butyl tape.

    I used this when I reinstalled the front baffle.

    You need to stretch this new tape out so it goes on thinner so the baffle lays flush with the box. I bought it from Parts Express. You will need to remove the old tape with a flat blade screw driver from the front baffle "groove" and a flat scrapper off the "tongue" on the speaker box prior to using the new sticky tape.




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  7. 11 hours ago, jfjacques said:

    Zero handy/electrical skills - would like to find a low cost means to refresh the crossovers in my beloved Chorus II's - I was going to send them in to Crites for rebuild but with the hassle of shipping time etc... trying to see if anyone may have a pair of used Crites crossover boards or rebuilt crossovers collecting dust? 

    Just buy a new set of crossovers from Crites, zero down time, plug and play. You will not find a used pair of Crites crossovers for Chours II's. You would have a better chance of finding OEM original crossovers that were replaced with Crites. I have a OEM set like yours that were replaced with Crites sitting on my shelf.

  8. 4 minutes ago, Emile said:

    Haha ... to me it means "be careful" buying from him :)  Contacted him on his previous FleaBay listing and was told "NO; you cannot check it out." :(  Then it was sold ... haha; prob on his own bid, and relisted. I am staying "away" from this one :D 

    I agree, seller seems shady. He doesn't know Klipsch IMO and is very defensive.

    I see he got a 2nd bid, up to $935.

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