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  1. Rodog

    Marantz 15

    Just a note of follow up. I ended up getting the following: Fuse Holder soldering it inline as recommended. Yes it was/is the first Marantz SS amp as describe above. I had it reconditioned by: Marantz 14,15 and 16 repair. amazing what was available in 1965 as preamplifier in the 7t. Greg
  2. It appears you have the information you need. If more is needed see link below for manuals, schematics, literature, etc. for 7 c/t, 8, 9, 10B http://www.zilla.li/ Greg
  3. Rodog

    Marantz 15

    To all - thanks for the responses. Looks to be an easy process. Now to order the parts. MicroMara- yes that is the Marantz model I have. I have yet to use it other than to check that both channels work before sending it off for service. Will be interested to see how it sounds in comparison to my 8b. Will use a 7t as pre amplifier. Thanks Greg
  4. Rodog

    Marantz 15

    I recently had my Marantz 15 amplifier reconditioned. I have been advised to put a fuse between the amp and the speakers due no speaker protection being part of it’s circuitry. I will be using it with a pair of early 1980s Klipsch Heresy speakers. I was provided a few 2A fast blow fuses for that purpose. Rather than a discussion of whether this a good idea or not. I am asking about the “how” to place a fuse between the amp and the speakers. Would like to know what is used to hold the fuse. Are both of the speaker wires “fused”? Any other guidance or advice? Thanks in advanced Greg
  5. HDBRbuilder You are correct they are mitered walnut. Thanks Greg
  6. Thanks. Yes USA is stamped on the edge. Greg
  7. I recently acquired a pair of Heresy 1s with consecutive serial numbers- 113W 124 and 113W123. On the back edge of the both cases is stamped MKDB. On the production sticker is Deronda Beavers is this the DB if so who is MK? Thanks Greg
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