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  1. Mine has the male threads, but a different label with a date code of 10/2001, and an individual serial number, and is Made in USA. Certainly this was not made offshore, but was it a "good older one?" Thanks for any thoughts on whether this is worth keeping.
  2. My APT 50 is from October of 2001 / Made in USA. Do you think that was made before they started making the bad ones offshore? Btw, the previous owner of my LS pair was a film sound pro, with a few big movie credits: <https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0385406/?ref_=ttfc_fc_cr76> Cathedral Guitars is the worlds leading maker of multi-string classical harp guitars, so let me know if you need a 7-, 8-, 10-, or 11-string harp guitar!
  3. Thanks for all the replies. My tweeter driver has external threads, so it will not work with the 150 horn. Is there a horn for it, or an adapter that I can drill out and bolt to the already modified Klipsch tweeter horn? Frzninvt, would you rather have a recent AL-4 or an un-recapped 1977 AA? Those are my current options. Regarding the lamp rolling, I just received the ad below for a brand new tape deck, and was surprised to see that it was not at all the kind of tape deck I was imagining!
  4. Thanks, Y'all: Bruce, I really like what you have done, and want to do something similar, but please let me ask you why you choose the APT-150? Did the original tweeter get blown? I can see that the 150 would not perhaps fit inside the cab. Do you like the sound of the 150? Do you know if the driver has external threads? I'm intrigued with the MAHL, but will go slow and listen to the recommendations. Btw., we just watched the movie Alice in Wonderland, which does inspire you to be bold and do impossible things!!
  5. First time poster here. I'm upgrading 3x La Scalas from the late 70s, and have many questions for the community. My purpose is to use the speaker in a recording studio setup for playback along with either live drums, guitar, and bass. I love how lifelike the La Scala reproduction is, and jamming along with the records is going to be amazing. One of the LS is total stock with AA, and the other pair is recapped AA, but with blown tweeters. The guy tried a DIY mod by drilling out the tweeter horn and GLUING on an APT-50-2. So right now, one APT 50 is dead, and other one works but unglued and sits loose on top. 1) Is there an adapter to attach the externally threaded APT 50 to the stock Klipsch tweeter horn? I know it may not be worth doing, but I was thinking it would be better than no tweeter, or having a loose driver sitting naked on top of the cab. The stock LS needs recapping, so I bought what I think is a modern AK-4 crossover #116601 (pic attached). 2) I'm confused by the separate inputs for HF / LF on the crossover. Is this to allow bi-amping without an active crossover? Is there a way of telling if this is a LS or KH crossover? Right now I'm using it in a 3-channel in a surround mode on a thrift store Yamaha HTR-5860, and it sounds fantastic, even with just 1.5 working tweeters. Before that I had used a HK 730, which I love on other speakers, but on the LS it was too shouty. Also have various amps and a 1960 Telefunken EL84 tube radio to try. Am thinking of cutting up all or some of these LS and installing 511b horns, and I have already noticed liking the tweeter location much better above the enclosure, as if you are standing up, the stock tweeter height is too low. Lastly, 3) does anyone have a preferred tweeter replacement when comparing the DE120 MAHL vs Crites horn? Thanks in advance for any thoughts. Trying to do this DIY on the low end side of budget. The LS were a little less than $400 each. Stephen
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