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  1. https://austin.craigslist.org/ele/d/austin-klipsch-la-scala-ii-speakers/6881635024.html
  2. I posted the wrong model number on 1 sub it is a Ksw-15. Sorry about that. Updated now.
  3. Went to a behind screen pro cinema LCR and upgraded some other items. Located just North of Houston. 1990 oiled oak stock ak-3 Klipschorns set 2500 2005 mahogany stock Belle Klipsch single 1200 Klf-30’s with crites tweeters black 1200 Klf-c7 with crites tweeter black 400 Rs3 surround set 150 Rs3-ii surround set 150 Ksw-15 sub 250 R115sw sub x 2 500 each 2 for 900 Everything works as it should. Open to bundle deals. Please pm for more info and pics. Thanks
  4. https://www.ebay.com/itm/2-Klipsch-Heresy-Speakers-HIP-Black-Industrial-Made-in-USA-SN-Number-3357-3356/163630506219?hash=item26192360eb:g:xrIAAOSw3qVco~71
  5. K T

    WTB single Belle

    That was a sweet setup! I feel fortunate to have it now and can’t thank Larry(Blindman) enough. The room sounds amazing. Thanks Kamron
  6. K T

    WTB single Belle

    She’s home!!!!
  7. A set or 2 of the aw-650 may work well for your atmos. Enclosed boxes that have a mounting bracket that can be attached to your ceiling joists and aimed. My 2 cents. https://www.klipsch.com/products/aw-650-outdoor-speaker
  8. K T

    WTB single Belle

    Big shoutout to Blindman for the deal. Can’t wait to pick that bad boy up!!! Thanks to everyone who responded in the thread.
  9. K T

    WTB single Belle

    @Blindman Speaker looks great! I sent you a Pm. Thanks again. Kamron
  10. K T

    WTB single Belle

    A single La Scala is a little too deep for my setup. I have thought of it, but.... Thanks. Kamron
  11. K T

    WTB single Belle

    Thanks for the replies. My horns are a 1990 oiled oak with the ak-3 and k-55-m. Currently using one of a pair of Cornwall ii as the center. Which does sound good.
  12. K T

    WTB single Belle

    Hi. New to the forum posting wise. Have looked around previously and found great information. I recently grabbed a pair of Khorns after using Klf-30’s for about 19 years and am looking for a single Belle to use as a center channel. Or... someone who may be interested in splitting a Belle purchase with. I live in the Houston area. Appreciate any help or leads with this. Really enjoying the Klipschorns! Thx.
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