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  1. IMHO, Frank was unique. He managed to create musical ideas on so many levels. Creative, very serious about his craft and demanded the best from his band mates. It’s hard to like everything this icon of free form progressive jazz played or wrote. But you cannot deny the genius and intent of his life trace..Most people hearing his music for the first time or observing one of his nightmarish album covers would think that, man this guy must have been totally stoked on some elegant acid to have written this music. But Frank Zappa, even though he lived in Cali in the 60’s didnt use drugs ever especially when he was playing a gig in front of a live audience..
  2. The original Forte’ which I currently own have been hoisted up off the floor and placed on 6” thick maple blocks with heavy brass footers. The question now is will the Forte’s open up more with a tube amp, or wil my current NAD 787 receiver give these speakers enough juice to do the same job.. The new placement has improved bass response, as before the placement, the bass just seemed kind of wooly, lost in the floor rug.. Big improvement and highly recommended. Just wish the midrange was a little more fleshed out. Any suggestions appreciated. MI6
  3. There was a progressive FM radio station, when I would visit friends in Diamond Point on Lake George NY during the summer break. I cannot recall the the call letters of that station, but the transmitter was located on the top of one of the many mountain tops in New Hamster. They boasted a 100,000 watt flame thrower of a signal. I know people in Main could receive this station. Any thoughts about what I’m talking about? The sound coming from my buddies K horns was my first exposure to the Klipschorns sound and I was blown away. He said the sound was so good because the radio station didn’t compress the life out of their signal. Maybe but I think it was the combination of both...
  4. I am 68 in human years, and reading all of the wonderful and enthusiastic reviews about Klipsch speakers makes me long for a pair of CW’s in my listening room. To get to my point, I believe there was a concerted effort by audio sales people in the 70’s to cup their hands around their mouths and decry the honking sound that you get from horn speakers. This really sunk in. I was to avoid horns at all cost. And it did cost me through- out my lifetime that simple sales trick sent me on an odyssey to search for the holy grail of sound. Just asking now if anyone here in this forum were duped by the same sales trickery.? Appreciating any thoughts on this or anything else. Just a newbie looking for insight.
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