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  1. I went to AXPONA last month. Pretty impressive EXPENSIVE gear. I attended a couple talks where the big deal was spiking speakers so they were "floating" rather than sitting flat on the floor. Any one do this with KHORNS? Spikes and saucers to keep from boring a hole in the floor. Just curious. Also enjoyed the speaker wire stands to keep the inch thick speaker wires from touching the floor. Thanks in advance.
  2. I talked to Greg, certainly he does some nice work. I plan to look at his stuff at Axpona next month. Fact remains, my mod is fine for my purposes. Kind of like cars, some people require numbers matching all original. Others, not so much. I have both. In the end do what makes you happy. I like my Khorns.
  3. Right, I get that, I'll give up the 1/2 inch that going on the outside of the tophat edge would have given. I lost alot more the way they had to be positioned before enclosing them. They sound fine for now. Its a small room. Wanted to keep the side walls in line with the grills. So, I went tailboard outside edge to even with the grill. From the front, you can't see the mod. That was the goal. Thanks for the input.
  4. Sure I do, how should it be?
  5. Actually, much more useable now. And easily reversable if I ever want to.
  6. Enclosed backs. Pretty simple really. Working very well now . Funny
  7. Update, Crites woofers in. My God, these are awesome now.
  8. JRS94

    Single k33b

    Ned, Will be swapping this weekend. Looking forward to it. Will let you know on the OEM stuff. Take care Joe,
  9. Just curious, how did you enclose your backs? I want to do mine , interested in the best method. Was it worth doing, this looks like a "good" corner install. GLWS.
  10. TEAC A440, 1977 timeframe, mades lots of tapes on this thing. Been sitting in the basement since 1990. Apparently belt kits are still available. Cool old stuff. New when my K'horns were new! Maybe a resurrection is in order....
  11. JRS94

    Single k33b

    The new Crites come today, that should fix my issue. My go to test albums are ; Pink Floyd - Dark side of the moon Chicago - CTA Toto - Tambu Then usually anything SRV or now Bonamassa Interesting cover art on that one for that point in time! Take Care
  12. JRS94

    Single k33b

    Crites stuff comes tomorrow, looks like $80 to ship. Will let you know after the crites go in.
  13. JRS94

    Single k33b

    Ned, Where are you located. just looking for the ship cost.
  14. Thanks for posting this, I'm checking to see if its still available. Already have Crites replacements coming but, I'd like the original too.
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