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  1. I just restored my 1977 Dual 1249 full automatic belt drive, it needed a new steurenpemple , which is the rubber cap that lifts the tonearm, new strobe, and a new suppression capacitor. Anything you need is available at "fixmydual.com" or he will do a full rebuild for you. Guys name is Bill Neuman , great to work with. Good luck.
  2. I'm leaning towards the Quicksilver mid mono with EL 34's at present. Looking at Prima Luna and Jolida as well. Also doing the Volti VTrac 2 mid horn kit, keeping the Crites drivers. The Vtracs are due end of the month, then I'll go after the tube stuff. One change at a time. My Khorns are 1979's and have all Crites replacements and type A crossover. Any experience with this set up? Also, I'm still using my '89 Luxman TP 117 preamp. That will likely be the next change. I will go check out the amps listed above, thanks for that. Not sure how to attach a link . The mid mono's specs look pretty well and good price. http://quicksilveraudio.com
  3. Yup, I just posted about shops that let you try equipment or if there is anything local for sale. Been looking at Prima Luna and Quicksilver tube stuff. This is fun but frustrating at the same time.
  4. Chicago guys, I have 79 khorns, I'm using all solid state. I'd like to try tubes, but not spend a ton for something I may not like. I keep hearing of shops that allow you to try equipment. Where near the Chicago suburbs might a find one of these shops? I'm in Lockport. Or is there anything for sale locally where we could make an agreement? Thanks Joe
  5. Agreed, my tp117 is a 1989 an pretty much looks like it just came out of the box, works perfectly. It's a tough decision. My other struggle is to just go tubes with the khorns.
  6. Agreed, but not a factor in the decision. It is cool looking.
  7. I have an opportunity to buy some used McIntosh equipment, MC 352, MX 120. I'm currently using a Legacy Powerbloc 600 amp and an older Luxman preamp. Will the McIntosh be a night and day difference or will it be subtle. I have Crites updated 1979 Khorns, and soon to have the Volti mid horn kit (keeping the Crites mid driver). Curious to have the forum's opinion. Thanks
  8. So, In conclusion, an expensive but worthwhile mod for Khorns? I am a button push away from buying midhorns from Greg while retaining the A55g driver, type A crossover, Crites CT 120 and composite basket woofer. The stock metal 400 horn is honky to my bad ears. Thanks
  9. I went to AXPONA last month. Pretty impressive EXPENSIVE gear. I attended a couple talks where the big deal was spiking speakers so they were "floating" rather than sitting flat on the floor. Any one do this with KHORNS? Spikes and saucers to keep from boring a hole in the floor. Just curious. Also enjoyed the speaker wire stands to keep the inch thick speaker wires from touching the floor. Thanks in advance.
  10. I talked to Greg, certainly he does some nice work. I plan to look at his stuff at Axpona next month. Fact remains, my mod is fine for my purposes. Kind of like cars, some people require numbers matching all original. Others, not so much. I have both. In the end do what makes you happy. I like my Khorns.
  11. Right, I get that, I'll give up the 1/2 inch that going on the outside of the tophat edge would have given. I lost alot more the way they had to be positioned before enclosing them. They sound fine for now. Its a small room. Wanted to keep the side walls in line with the grills. So, I went tailboard outside edge to even with the grill. From the front, you can't see the mod. That was the goal. Thanks for the input.
  12. Sure I do, how should it be?
  13. Actually, much more useable now. And easily reversable if I ever want to.
  14. Enclosed backs. Pretty simple really. Working very well now . Funny
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