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  1. I bought the VTA ST 120 with the cap upgrades, auto-bias board, and Tung sol KT 120's. So far the thing is great, fits my space, and really sounds good with my Khorns. Happy camper. Thanks for all the input. Just thought I would close out this topic. Take care all.
  2. Saturday Audio has a nice Sansui 8080 for $699. Looked pretty good in person. They are on Belmont, north side. http://www.saturdayaudio.com/gear/sansui-8080
  3. I'm going to have it built with AB. Just had to research a little more. Bob says 3 weeks from receipt of my payment. Thanks Kevinmi and Amped! Joe
  4. Thanks , Bob kind of talked me out of the auto bias, I'm going to do the caps and volume for sure. I guess I can add auto bias later if i get tired of biasing. $150 to add it now. Still thinking on that part. I'm going to start out with tung sol KT 120's then probably start collecting tubes! thanks for your help
  5. Kevinmi Thanks , I know either the QS Mid Monos or the ST 120 will have plenty of power, I'm going that route just in case I decide to change speakers later. I'm at the point where I just need to pick 1 and order. Did you do any of the upgrades with your ST 120? Capacitors, volume attenuator, auto bias? I am considerring those and asking if we can leave the old preamp power connections out. Maybe put a bias readout or something in those holes. Watt meter would be cool. What tubes did you end up with? I won't be building my own. Just no time. Plug and play for me right now.
  6. Any opinion / experience between these two amps? Both look like they'd be fine with my modded khorns. Will I lose bass going from solid state to tubes? Thanks again
  7. I have a chance at a pair of Vincent hybrids. Anyone have experience with these? Would be for my modded khorns mentioned in my last Quicksilver or Decware thread. These have 1x6922, 1x12au7, and either 2x6n6 or 2x6lg7 tubes and a big ss section. Brochure is interesting. Choices, choices. Thanks.
  8. Guess that's parts of the difference. The mids don't self bias
  9. Looks nice, how often do you adjust bias on them? I think I've decided on QS mid monos for my khorns. Good price and great reviews. Thanks for your help.
  10. Check out the garage sale section, lots of option there in your price range
  11. I have '79 Khorns with replacement Crites drivers ; t120, a55g, composite woofers, and the Volti mid horn mod. Currently using a Luxman tp117 preamp and a Legacy Powerbloc 600 ss amp. I have been looking to go to a tube amp. Any opinions on Quicksilver and Decware? QS mid monos are my current front runner. Any experience with either or recommendations? Thanks.
  12. I just restored my 1977 Dual 1249 full automatic belt drive, it needed a new steurenpemple , which is the rubber cap that lifts the tonearm, new strobe, and a new suppression capacitor. Anything you need is available at "fixmydual.com" or he will do a full rebuild for you. Guys name is Bill Neuman , great to work with. Good luck.
  13. I'm leaning towards the Quicksilver mid mono with EL 34's at present. Looking at Prima Luna and Jolida as well. Also doing the Volti VTrac 2 mid horn kit, keeping the Crites drivers. The Vtracs are due end of the month, then I'll go after the tube stuff. One change at a time. My Khorns are 1979's and have all Crites replacements and type A crossover. Any experience with this set up? Also, I'm still using my '89 Luxman TP 117 preamp. That will likely be the next change. I will go check out the amps listed above, thanks for that. Not sure how to attach a link . The mid mono's specs look pretty well and good price. http://quicksilveraudio.com
  14. Yup, I just posted about shops that let you try equipment or if there is anything local for sale. Been looking at Prima Luna and Quicksilver tube stuff. This is fun but frustrating at the same time.
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