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  1. I know, I know ... has anyone ever actually stopped? Klipschorns are still out there calling to me faintly but persistently ... For now, though, I'm very happy.
  2. For anyone out there losing sleep over my upgrade woes (I'm sure that is absolutely no one) ... sleep well tonight. I don't know if it was break-in (I let them run for two full days) or changes I made to my room treatments, but all is now good. More than good. The nasally, bullhorn-ish sound I was getting is gone, and I can second the original poster's rave review. I absolutely loved my IIIs and only upgraded because I can't resist the possibility of eking out just that little bit more from my system. This upgrade gave me much more than just a little bit more. The bass punch and finesse, and the depth and layers (it's the layers more than anything!) that I'm now hearing in the soundstage are just amazing. The Decware/Forte IV combo really might have me at the end of my search. I can't see myself wanting to upgrade either amp or speakers anytime soon, if ever.
  3. I'm using a Decware SE84UFO (with 25th anniversary mods, for any Decware fans reading this). It has just one set of taps, but is said to be able to handle anything. It was pretty much the ideal match for these speakers before the upgrade. I've heard systems costing many times as much that I didn't make me anywhere near as happy. I'll be home tomorrow and will dig into this. I have a feeling I did something stupid -- I got the kit for Xmas and, like a little kid, had no patience, so I rushed to do the install. I was pretty sure I did everything right -- I took pics of most steps -- but I could have done something as stupid as incorrectly wire the terminals. I'll report back for those who are holding their breath ... FWIW, I got the kit from Paducah Home Theater and Corey referred me to Klipsch. Klipsch asked me to send a video of how they sound, which I'll do if I can't sort it out myself.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I'm traveling until tomorrow but will double-check all of my connections when I get home. Just curious: Was the improvement obvious immediately for you or did the speakers take a while to "break in"? I'm a bit or a "break-in" skeptic. I'm sure there's something to it for some components, but I think in most case it's just the listener's ears adjusting to a different sound. Still, I'm curious about your experience and whether it was an immediate "Wow!" or a gradual "Yeah, I think I like this sound better?"
  5. So, I received this kit for Xmas and installed it that day. My experience was just the opposite and I'm trying to determine if I did something wrong. I loved my IIIs, but like so many of us, I couldn't resist the promise of something even better. But now my upgraded III/IVs sound like everything Klipsch-haters think about Klipsch speakers -- bright, harsh, fatiguing. I can't really listen to them for more than a half-hour or so before I throw in the towel. I'm using high-quality upstream components -- Decware SE84UFO (with 25th anniversary mods), Line Magnetic tube DAC, BlueSound Node 2i — and this setup sounded magical before my upgrade. Question for you: The terminals on my new tweeters were not marked positive/negative as the directions said they'd be. I wired them the way the originals were wired, with black on top, green on bottom (with terminals to the left when looking in from the front). Is that how yours are wired? I can't help but think something isn't wired right, but I've double-checked everything. That's the only thing I can think of.
  6. Thanks for the reply. I hope you're right. I'll give them a bit of time. In the meantime, do you have yours raised off the ground or flat on the floor? I raised my IIIs about 8 inches (on solid blocks, no open space beneath). I preferred them up like that, but I'm wondering if the IVs would sound better on the floor. (I know, I know ... try and see for myself. I just like hearing about other people's experiences.)
  7. I'm just curious if anyone else has done the Forte III to IV upgrade kit. I just finished installing mine (a generous Xmas gift from my wife). First impressions: Meh. First of all, despite what the instructions say (and what common sense would dictate), the terminals on the new tweeter aren't labeled. There's no red dot, no plus sign, nothing. I took a chance and wired it the same way the original tweeter was wired (with negative on top when the terminals are on the left). A little annoying to have to guess how to install the tweeter. Beyond that, though, I don't hear all that much of a difference in the sound. It's only been a couple hours, so maybe they need to break in, but after reading so much about how the IVs are significantly better than the IIIs, I was expecting a noticeable difference. They sound about the same to me. If anything, they sound a bit brighter and more strident ... more fatiguing We'll see how they sound a week or so from now. But at the moment, I can't recommend. Anyone else out there take the leap and do this upgrade? How were your results?
  8. Oops. I asked where you're located and then saw right in your title.
  9. Yeah, I know it's a long shot. I'm trying this route vs selling my stuff because I really love the pieces I'm considering trading and don't want to risk selling and then not finding what I want (or not finding it quickly).
  10. I know this is a long-shot, but I'm looking for someone who might be interested in making a trade for their pair of LaScalas. I'm looking to possibly trade my mint-condition Pioneer PL-90 Elite turntable for a very good condition pair of LaScalas. If you're familiar with this table, you know it's extremely hard to come by, and pretty near impossible to find one in mint condition in the original box (the seller I bought it from had searched for one for more than a decade before finally landing this one). This is an absolutely stunning turntable in both appearance and performance. Not a scratch on it and functionally perfect. If that doesn't float your boat, I would also consider trading my limited edition Forte IIIs (maybe you need similar performance from a slightly smaller speaker?). They are finished in California Walnut, which was used on only a limited number of pairs. These are superb speakers that I really have no business parting with, but I'm in that "I want to try something new" stage that has me itching for LaScalas, which I've never owned. I have several other pieces too: Empire 398 turntable in exceptional condition; Eico HF85 tube preamp (fully restored and a fantastic-sounding pre); Peachtree Nova 150 amp. If any of these appeal to you, let me know what you have in mind. If not, thanks for reading and happy listening.
  11. I know this is a bit of a fishing expedition, but here goes: I have a beautiful, meticulously restored Eico HF89 tube amplifier that I'm hoping to trade for a nice pair of La Scalas here in Michigan. It's a fantastic amp and is probably as nice an example of this amp as you'll find anywhere. It is in flawless working condition and, for the right trade, will come with either a nice quad of Prima Luna output tubes or NOS Mullards (about $500 value). The amp sounds fantastic. It's dead quiet and, with 50 watts of tube power, it has massive headroom, so it's capable of incredible transient bursts and cast an enormous soundstage. Really one of the finest amps I've ever heard. But in my small listening space with efficient speakers, I prefer the sound of my little Decware amp. I have close to $2K into the Eico, which I know I'm not likely to get out of it if I put it up for sale, which is why I'm hoping to find a great trade instead. I'm in no big rush, just putting feelers out there. Thanks for reading. (Happy to send pics)
  12. I seem to be seeing a lot of WTB posts lately, so I figured I'd throw my hat into the ring. I live in the Detroit area and am looking to add some Heritage-series Klipsches to my life (I've owned Cornwalls, Fortes and Heresies -- and stupidly parted with a pair of Epic CF4s -- but am currently Klipsch-less). I'm looking for someone who wants to sell in this order: 1. Klipschorns, 2. Cornwalls (any vintage of either), La Scalas or Forte III's. I'm not a big fan of Heresies (and they pop up all the time), so I'm not interested in those. If you're in the area and have something to sell, please shoot me a note. I also have some great vintage gear I might be willing to throw in as part of a deal: Empire 298 turntable; fully restored Scott 299C integrated amp (with Telefunken tubes); restored Pioneer SX1010 monster receiver (a fantastical beast -- just an awesome piece of audio history). I'm pretty fond of these pieces, but I'm seriously jonesing for a big-*** set of Klipsches, so who knows ... Thanks!
  13. For sale (or trade) is this awesome pair of Omega Super 6 Alnico XRS speakers in beautiful walnut veneer. I ordered these from Louis Chochos at Omega Speaker Systems a little over a year ago and they remain in mint condition. Shortly after I received them, we decided to move from Virginia to Michigan, so these speakers have been in their original boxes for several months. They're just about broken in, with maybe 200 hours of listening, but are otherwise like new. These are the updated version of Omega's very highly regarded Super 6 Alnicos -- with a larger, wider cabinet for deeper bass and wonderful midrange dispersion. If you're familiar with Omega, you know Louis' single-driver designs are renowned for their almost electrostatic speed and remarkable imaging. What the Alinco versions add on top of this is a richness and level of microdetail that is really stunning. Don't let the relatively small driver fool you. These speakers sound enormous. They truly excel at midrange -- vocals, guitar, piano -- but will really blow your mind with their bass performance. They go deeper than you'd imagine too, and do it with finesse -- so much so that I ditched my REL subwoofer because it only muddied up the bass. If you can't tell, I'm a huge fan of Omega speakers. At 97db efficiency, these speakers pair beautifully with low-powered tube amps but also sound great with solid state gear. I'm only selling these because I have another pair of Omegas (smaller Super 3S's), that I'm using in my office and I don't have a good room to use these in. These cost $3200 new and take about six weeks to have built. I'm asking $2,300 -- a deal considering they're essentially new. I live in Northville, MI, and would love to do a local deal in the Detroit area, but I'm willing to ship. Also: I may be open to a trade for Heritage-series Klipsches (other than Heresys). Just let me know what you have in mind! One last note: If you have questions about these or other Omega speakers, I'd highly recommend giving Louis a call at Omega. He's a great guy who is highly respected in the industry and is super friendly. (PS: I'm sorry this is something of a repeat post -- I posted looking for a trade a while back. Not sure what the etiquette is on that. If this isn't kosher, please let me know (kindly). Thanks)
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