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  1. If someone wants to buy everything, I’m offering them a cheaper price than if they only want one or two pieces. I would REALLY like to sell everything at once so I’m going to give it a day to see if I can sell everything. If not, you were the first to inquire about the subs so they would be yours.
  2. Sorry about that. Location is Appleton WI
  3. Hey guys, still have the remaining speakers left and am willing to offer a big discount for anyone interested in buying EVERYTHING. If not, all prices below are negotiable. All speakers less than 3 months old with walnut finish. Will sell for $2500. Here is what I have: RF 7iii pair - $1800 RP 600M pair - $300 RP 600M pair - $300 RC 64iii - $800 If you’re interested let me know. I’m not interested in trades. I will send pictures upon request. You will not find a better deal for these speakers.
  4. I’ve been building my HT for a while now and just added dual Monolith 12’s. Found them for a great price and couldn’t resist after reading some reviews. I don’t know much about subs and the user manual doesn’t give you much to go by. What should initial settings be set to? Both ports open? After settings are in place should I let Audyssey take care of the rest? Just looking for a good starting point and some info on adjustments.
  5. I have a question about my surrounds. Right now I am running a 9.1.2 setup with RP280’s as fronts, 504 center, 2 sets of rp 160m’s as side/rear surrounds, rp 402s as rear height and 41SA’s as front height (I use them as atmos). My question is concerning the 160’s. Really love the speakers, but is it overkill using them as surrounds? I got them at a great price so don’t plan on getting rid of them but thought about possibly moving them to another room. Will I really notice a difference replacing them with smaller (cheaper) surrounds?
  6. I bought this equipment from Parts Express a few weeks ago with a plan of adding them to the basement. I have dual 15” drivers, Cabinets are assembled and painted, the feet from Parts Express to install, Polyfill for both cabinets, Speakon connectors, 12 AWG wire, and gasket tape. Not looking to make money just want to Unload them. Asking $550. Located near Appleton WI. If interested let me know and I can send pictures. Apparently my pictures are too big and I can’t upload.
  7. Hey guys, Looking for some advice on surround speakers for a 7.2.4 setup. What I have right now are: 280FA’s for fronts 504c for center 160M’s for rear surrounds rp402s for side surrounds I don’t have the 402’s yet but found a great deal from someone on Craigslist. I thought these might be a good option since listeners will be pretty close to side surround speakers. I know that Dolby does not suggest this but I have been reading conflicting stories. I also thought about maybe doing 160M’s for side and rear surrounds. Any thoughts?
  8. I’m located in Wisconsin. I’ve also been reading that since it doesn’t take much to push these speakers, use a cheaper external amp to power the rears instead. Any thoughts on that? On a side note I purchased the RP450C from amazon and just received an email that this center channel was being upgraded to the RP504C. Will this newer model work fine with the RP280FA’s?
  9. Hey everyone, brand new to the forum. Looks like a TON of information which is great! So this is what I have currently: Receiver: Marantz 6012 Fronts: Klipsch RP 280FA Center: Klipsch RP 450C Surrounds: Pioneer SP BS22A Rears: Pioneer SP BS 22's Subs: Possibly SVS PB1000. Still deciding This will be used for 95% home theater. Nothing is setup yet. This will be for a home theater being finished in the basement. I know the rears and surrounds do not match but I had a buddy selling them in the box for $100 for all 4. I figured I couldn't go wrong and can upgrade later. I'm looking at doing a 7.1.4 setup (possibly 7.2.4). I know I will have to add an external amplifier to make this work. A lot of what I am reading is saying that I should power the fronts with the amplifier and use the receiver for the other speakers. I like this idea but was not looking at dropping another $700-$1500 on an external amplifier. Any suggestions for an amplifier that will do the job but is a little more budget friendly? Or just any suggestions or other ideas in general.
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