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  1. Hey Joe, I'm sorry to hear you're not able to ride any more. I couldn't have missed the Sportster in your moniker from a mile away 😉 I picked up a 100th Anniversary FXSTI (Softail Standard) a few years back on a trade for a couple of tube amps. I had never ridden and was planning on selling the bike (the rider was also disabled due to a shoulder injury and his riding partner of many years had passed). Once I got it and learned to ride I realized it wasn't going anywhere- it's a freedom that's hard to describe once you get hooked, and now with the warm weather here I'm out on her every chance I get. Between tubes, hiking and the Harley I don't know which one I like best (okay it's probably not the hiking!). Best wishes, Aric
  2. Hi All! I just wanted to take a moment to thank Joe for the kind words and for mentioning me and my products in this thread (and for anyone else who's considered or purchased my gear). I wanted to point out that I choose to have basically two lines of products I build. The first (where I got my start), is what I call the "workingman's" line which I build to try and get the best bang for the buck and choose where to put the budget to get the most ROI. Also many customers that buy these are first-timers into the tube world and I LOVE the excitement and being the choice they made for their first build. I don't lose any money on these, and they're not really "Loss Leaders" in the sense that I'm trying to rope anybody in. I legitimately enjoy hand-making these and don't want to turn away any budget range (if possible). The second line I sell, is fully decked out and uses top tier parts and is for the customer that has extremely high expectations- regardless of price. I've done many custom builds for guys that have heard of/seen my gear out there, and wanted to know how good it could get we went "All out". Maybe someday I'll only have one line, but in the meantime I simply like to keep the soldering iron HOT and enjoy getting feedback and hearing from happy music lovers! BTW, Joe- do you ride? I saw Sportster at the end of your name. Best regards, Aric
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