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  1. Are you interested in selling the 9090 separately?
  2. no affiliation, just wanted to pass it on https://www.proxibid.com/Pair-Vintage-Klipsch-Heresy-Speakers/lotInformation/53368996
  3. Hello, I am in no way affiliated with or know this seller but I did see this listing in Atlanta for a nice looking pair of Chorus 2. Just thought I's pass it on. https://atlanta.craigslist.org/atl/ele/d/atlanta-klipsch-chorus-2-speakers/7050525395.html
  4. Kruhlin

    Sansui QS 500

    Hi Pete, I am no expert but a friend of mine had one of these many years ago and he loved to tinker with it. My uneducated opinion is that's about all it was good for. I don't believe it can be used as a standard integrated amp, but takes a tape out feed from an amp to power a second set of speakers. He had a main 2 channel amp and fed the "front" speakers with the main amp while passing the signal in parallel to the QS 500 through tape out from the main amp. The "rear" speakers were powered by the QS-500 fed through from main tape out. If I recall, it wasn't truly decoding a quad signal but had a number of options to simulate quad. Again, I am no expert, just my recollection.
  5. Agreed. These really look line new and glad to have them. Phill obviously took great care with them.
  6. Set them up last night and enjoying them this morning.
  7. @philtubes Haven't had a response yet, just checking in to see if these are still available.
  8. I am wondering if the pair of Heresy's is still available? I'm nearby in Atlanta and perhaps interested.
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