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  1. 1990 Klipsch Chorus II's fully upgraded with Crites crossovers and titanium diaphragms. Had new grills custom made by Ralph at Duracrest.
  2. I found raising the Chorus II's (as well the Forte III's) a few more inches to get the space between the tweeter and the midrange at ear level, made a huge difference. I made some custom stands to do this. The stands are 8" tall plus spikes.
  3. Any update on Forte IV's release?
  4. Love my Chorus II's! Best speaker I have owned so far.
  5. Thanks tomy2 and yes I did own a pair of SS8's but not in this home/room I have now. Jim Salk is a quality guy and his speakers are things of beauty but ultimately not for me. I love my C2's as well as my Forte III's. Curious as to whether you or anyone else has heard other similar high efficient speakers like Unison Research? I had Omega's (Super Alnico Monitor) that were great but not as dynamic as my Klipsch.
  6. Hello again to all, Designed and fabricated some custom steel supports for my Chorus II's (as well as my Forte III's). The supports raise the speakers 8" off the floor (plus spikes) and have the space between the tweeter and the mid horn at ear level when sitting in my listening chair. Also had Duracrest fabricate some new grill covers for both sets of speakers as well. Special shout out to Ralph at Duracrest...he's a man of true integrity and alot of fun to chat with! Pics for your viewing.
  7. Maybe so but I really like the sound with either my Dennis Had Inspire 45 amplifier running about 2 wpc or my 6BM8 based Finale Audio F-168 Mk. 2 Signature (10 wpc).
  8. Thanks to everyone for the compliments. The stands currently used under my Chorus II's in the pic are Lovan Jazz stands. They work well. I've got some stands coming that will form a sturdier base and also raise the speakers another 1". I'll share pics then.
  9. Reading through this thread and thought I'd post pics of my awesome Chorus II's.
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