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  1. No, I have Bob Crites crossovers (God rest his soul) and his ti tweeter diaphragms. Other than that they are mint and wonderful sounding cabinets.
  2. I do not mind spending the money to make these beautiful speakers sound their best so please don't hesitate to offer up any improvements you think are an improvement. Warmest wishes, Johnny
  3. Yes I did. I'll let you know after I get them installed for sure.
  4. God Speed Mr Crites. Condolences to the family, friends and fans.
  5. Thanks very much for taking the time to respond! I actually just got the ti diaphragms in and we'll be installing them in the next day or so. Thanks again and sorry for my late reply.
  6. No, they sound great to me but I've had them for several years and do know that sometimes living with the same speakers and listening to them daily-weekly sometimes subtle changes in performance can go unnoticed. And if the same old thing is good enough and upgraded occasionally aren't warranted there really wouldn't be any reason for Klipsch to have more than one version of Heresy,Cornwall etc.
  7. Thanks for all the replies and apologize for how long it took me return. Holidays, work etc had gotten hectic. These speakers sounds great to me, I replaced the crossovers with the Crites set as I mentioned earlier as a precaution. Was mainly asking if their was some other replacement parts that they would or could benefit from. I figure it was just logical to replaced 30 year old crossovers and caps. Thanks
  8. Thanks, I was mainly asking if anyone thought they would benefit from new tweet or mid drivers or any other mods beside the new crossovers since they are pushing 30 years old. Thanks again.
  9. Hi all. I have a pair of early '90s Chorus ii's. I've replaced the crossovers with a set of Bob Crites. I've been using a Van Alstine Super Pas preamp with a modified St-70 for several years and recently bought a 300b integrated amp I'm starting to break-in. Other than the new crossovers , what would you suggest I do to these Chorus ii's to show them some love? They are nearly mint in a beautiful walnut finish. Thanks for your time and Merry Christmas!
  10. RG, Thats really nice .I would be feeling pretty good too! Enjoy your old budiies......
  11. Nice job with the refin! Its nice to see these things involved in making music again instead of gathering dust in someones shed. I wound up with a pair of near mint Chorus ii's last week and they are sounding good with an old St-70. Best of luck to you. Nash
  12. Haha Thats funny! I am doing the same thing,wanting to listen to all my old favorites. I notice I am listening to alot of other styles of music today as well.I cant seem to get enough of Norah Jones,Diana Krall,M Buble,etc. Piano and double bass is unreal on these things. I was listening to a song I had heard many times before but I am hearing the brushes on the snare drum so clearly now.Its so pronounced in the sound with the chorus' but was bearly noticable before. Thats just one instance and the list goes on and on. Tubes and Horns baby.... I am Hooked! Nash
  13. I am a happy camper tonight. I traveled 200 miles today and bought a pair of 1992 Chorus lls. Walnut Oiled and in near perfect condition. I must admit this is my first experience with Klipsch in the home audio setting and I am very impressed to say the least. I have had several good Polk and Advent speakers from the 80s and 90s but wanted to see what all the talk was about Klipsch being paired with tubes. The Chrous lls are extremely clear on the highs and mids and the bass is incredible. I did not expect the bass to be so loud or punchy after reading many reviews of these models.Not muddy or swimming in the least and I only have them about 8" from the wall and nowhere near the corners of the room. The room is carpeted and I have drapes on the windows beacause this is also my Theater room in which I use a projector.This is one of the first speakers where ,even with a lot of bass response it is really easy to pick out the bass from the kick drum. I still need to play with placement some but corner placement isnt really and option in this room. The room is 23'x20' with the speakers on the 23' wall and my listening position is about 15' from the speakers. The speakers are about 10' apart. I decided to try them out first with some vintage Rock just to see if they could hold up to the demands and WOW! 1st up-John Mellencamp The Walls Came Tumbling Down and Little Pink Houses, next up some cuts from Queen Jazz and on to some softer rock with Jackson Browne and James Taylor. Then on to some Acoustic Jazz selections and finally on to some Bluegrass. As you can see i played several different styles and several different volume levels and they seemed comfortable with everthing I tried. Very vesatile speakers. I am using a Dynaco Pas2 preamp,a slightly modded Dyna ST-70 amp and a Pioneer PL-41 T-T with a Stanton Headshell and a Grado Green cart. Like I said the chorus ll's are in near perfect condition and they look stunning. They looked a tad dry so I generously applied some good lemon oil and they now glow and look very rich and dark. I am IN LOVE....hahahaha.Thanks to all here for all the generous information I aquired from the posts and to the folks over in Hope AR for building such a quality product. NASH
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