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  1. Taking muel and Schu's advice...
  2. Apologies for sounding like a broken record but... still on the hunt here.
  3. Back to the top here... bought a temporary fill in for now but still want a NBS unit to match the VRD's I picked up. Thanks.
  4. Anxious to get this in my system while I wait for a NBS unit to come my way. Thanks for the great communication.
  5. Hoping the holidays brought some new items and possibly freeing a NBS preamp somewhere....
  6. Perhaps the pair in the front. Burl walnut.
  7. Schu - I think I have your old VRD's. Perhaps I can match it with that fine NBS example posted here.
  8. That is a beaut. The VRD's, picked them up in Ft Wayne IN but got the lead from a AK member. They are about 4 years old. I am the third owner. Just seems right to mate them with the NBS pre.
  9. Looking for a nice NOSValves NBS preamp to mate with some VRD's I recently picked up. I mean, if you have the VRD's you must have the NBS to mate with it. At least that's my current thinking. If you have one to offer shoot me a note. BTW - I have lurked for some time but am not super active here. I am on AK and use the same name there. Thanks for looking.
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