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  1. Still hunting the elusive NBS.
  2. Post Labor Day review. No NBS about?
  3. MRL_Audio

    Dhl did it

    Insurance doesn't guarantee reimbursement. Seems to me most of the time the reply from the carrier is "not packed properly". Good luck. Shame and disappointment when this happens.
  4. Still looking. Any sellers out here?
  5. Yep. Moving on to future opportunities.
  6. Seller wasn’t willing to split the set.
  7. Comprehension a problem? I asked YOU to bail. Not adding any value to my search. Will more contributions magically make a NBS pre-amp arrive for sale? Perhaps I need to go searching for a C32...?
  8. Suffice it to say a fair value. BTW - feel free to bail on this conversation.
  9. Generally - that's not the only factor in my purchase so tossing that out really doesn't make sense. Too many factors to consider with the units NOSValves produced.
  10. Taking muel and Schu's advice...
  11. Apologies for sounding like a broken record but... still on the hunt here.
  12. Back to the top here... bought a temporary fill in for now but still want a NBS unit to match the VRD's I picked up. Thanks.
  13. Anxious to get this in my system while I wait for a NBS unit to come my way. Thanks for the great communication.
  14. Hoping the holidays brought some new items and possibly freeing a NBS preamp somewhere....
  15. Perhaps the pair in the front. Burl walnut.
  16. Schu - I think I have your old VRD's. Perhaps I can match it with that fine NBS example posted here.
  17. That is a beaut. The VRD's, picked them up in Ft Wayne IN but got the lead from a AK member. They are about 4 years old. I am the third owner. Just seems right to mate them with the NBS pre.
  18. Looking for a nice NOSValves NBS preamp to mate with some VRD's I recently picked up. I mean, if you have the VRD's you must have the NBS to mate with it. At least that's my current thinking. If you have one to offer shoot me a note. BTW - I have lurked for some time but am not super active here. I am on AK and use the same name there. Thanks for looking.
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