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  1. I believe the Bellari SE560 is more like the BBE Sonic Maximizer. I am somewhat of a fan of the BBE process, I bought the SE560 to try vs a vintage BBE 2002R and 1002. Very simplified (and possibly wrong), the BBE process divides audio into 3 frequency ranges and applies phase change/delay then mixes it all back together.
  2. Trey was who responded when I contacted Klipsch support through their website, the email was from support@klipsch.com .
  3. Sorry, I did not actually check polarity to the drivers, I'll go back and do it.
  4. I did some quick and dirty measurements of my Heresy III's crossover last night and I think I have all of the values now. By quick and dirty I mean I unscrewed the crossover but left all of the drivers connected, I could hear the 1kHz tone my B&K LCR meter uses through the speaker while testing. So I'm not really confident on the inductor values. I'm pretty sure of the C and R values, I got them off of the components. I've left the component numbers from Xsim on the schematic this time so we can discuss them easily. I think the topology is correct, I've gone back and double checked everything.
  5. Heresy III, also just the woofer inputs and then just the mid/high inputs. I should probably redo these and keep the axis scaling consistent.
  6. @radiogram, I think the values I have on the diagram are correct, here are the pictures I was working from. I'm not certain measuring the inductors in circuit will work because of the topology, but I'll give it a try.
  7. I've traced out my Heresy III crossovers from some pictures I took a while back, I guess I'll have to open them back up and try to measure the inductor values. They do seem very similar to the Cornwall III schematics on this thread.
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