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  1. Yes, that you showed in the PDF with the 0 and 5 connection is how I have it. I double checked, I have all the taps set right. I followed the polarity of the universal schematic. After listening to the LaScalas for a while, I like them. I ended using them with a Marantz 2218 and they sounded terrific. The Firstwatt F6 with a B1 Korg Nutube is voiced a little thin on the bottom for the LaScalas. I may try them with a Threshold S/500 and upgraded Adcom GFP-565. The adcom is a little softer on top and the threshold is very strong for bass. I feel like that may be a winner with them. Thanks everyone for all of your help!
  2. I have a few things that come to mind. Switch speaker outputs on amp gain access to the crossover and tap on the individual componants to see if that effects sound check solder joints to see if any are cracked look for any obvious burning etc of electrical componants check the binding post to see if it is cracked. Judging by the fact that the whole speaker goes out, I would check anything that shares a common source like the positive and negative supply I don't think there is a zener diode or any type of protection built into that circuit. Note, do not jiggle the connections going to the tweeter diaphragm. They are very delicate and can break the fine wire that leads to the voice coil on them. Good luck!
  3. Thank you Marvel. Okay, so then the universal crossover already has the swamping resistor so I need to use the constant impedance table. in parallel with the 2.2uf cap 5 gets positive 0 gets ground taps are 5 & 2 for the squawker with 2 being positive to flip the phase 180*. Has everyone been satisfied with this setup so far? After using these speakers more, I can see how they would sound really great in a large room. Right now they are roughly 7' apart center to center, and I an about 7' from them. When I finish them and test them in their final spot, they will be 9 1/2' apart and I will be 10' from them.
  4. Okay, so I ordered the parts from Meniscus and built the crossovers. A couple of slight value changes due to part availability. I ordered two caps to make up the 7.5uf vs just the one as I wanted to use Clarity Cap CSA's. A 2.7 and a 4.7. I used a 1.5mH inductor for the woofer vs the 1.3. I figured I could undwind it to make the 1.3 but I am using it as is for now. I am using a 47uf cap vs the 48uf. I can find a really nice 1uf cap to run in parallel. Lastly, I have the 3636 autotransformer vs the 3619. Al K said it is a good replacement. So want to wanted to ask you guys is, are the taps the same as in the schematic? + of squawker to 2, - of squawker to 5 ground to 0, positive from mid(2.2uf, 10ohm and .3mH junction) to 5 What do you guys run with your stock laScala setups? I I have the K-55-M, the K77 and the K43 woofer (industrial) So far, the crossover is a major upgrade over the old original AL crossover which is to be expected due to it's bad reputation. However, I don't feel that the mid range and high range clarity is as good or natural as I expected. The woofer doesn't really sound to strong either... Lol. I will eventually be running a sub with these so I am sure that will solve a lot of the low end issues.
  5. Looking cool! Looks like a lot of work. Hopefully it all pays off!🤞
  6. Pretty cool! I am surprised cardboard and OSB work well enough for even testing.
  7. I know this is a really really old thread but I don't suspect you still have that 2245H sitting around. If you do, I would like to buy it. Thanks!
  8. Madman1, I am not the guy to ask as I am just learning myself but what Wirrunna posted looks to be very good information.
  9. Sootshe, thanks! I appreciate the detailed answer. I hope this thread serves as a good resource for people in the future. I added ALK engineering as a tag. Everything that I have seen here are schematics that he has released for the public to use. This thread will hopefully work to his advantage as people will get to build and hear how he voices his crossovers. When I Emailed Al K, he was very pleasant and responded very quickly so I would like to see him get something out of this. I ordered the autotransformers. For anyone looking into this, you can order them on Bob Crite's website. The model 3619 that was originally used has been discontinued. You can use the model 3636 in it's place. From what I have seen, it is more expensive but offers more adjustability. Thanks again to everyone for the input! I feel confident in ordering parts and building a universal crossover!
  10. Thanks, I will post some pics when I build them. I had the parts for the first crossover in my shopping cart then I saw the 2nd version. Now I need to figure out if one crossover design is better or if they are just different... lol. This brings some questions for anyone who is reading. Which crossover design is the better universal for the LaScala? What is the purpose of the 1uf bypass caps? Thanks in advanced for any answers.
  11. Awesome! Thanks! There is a ton of great info on this forum. Okay, so what I am gathering is that the version that I posted sends ~1000hz and below to the woofer and roughly 410hz and up to the mid/tweet. The other version that I see posted puts everything ~500hz and below to the woofer ~500hz and up to the mid/tweet. Let me know if this sounds right. In other words, there should be less mingling between the woofer and the squawker with the 2005 version that I see posted. sootshe, good job on your build! Looks like a lot of nice boutique parts. Is the point of the bypass cap to save a little money by not having to purchase a 40uf expensive cap vs a 39uf less expensive cap?
  12. Those look really nice. I heard he does a great job.
  13. What I meant was that I am going to build the ALK universal and then try the AA down the road.
  14. Yes, I went back and forth with that for a while. I may build the AA down the road just to experiment as the parts cost on it isn't too high. Once I have the Model 3636 autotransformer, I should be able to swap it to different boards.
  15. Right, I could but the AL has a reputation of being a good doorstop. I want to try something different. I like to tinker with stuff too so it is an enjoyable experience.
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