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  1. The weather here is cruel ..rain , rain , rain and much too cold , spring is far away , we ´re much closer to another winter season.  Don´t know how to stand that anymore here in good old germany, since last november the same S**T !  ...Thinking about to leave my country when I´m in retirement ....maybe moving to portugal, spain or greece ..I´ll see ....


    However .....I spun some records this afternoon beeing bored from the outside conditions ...


    Donny Heathaway Live in LA & NYC in 1972




    than ..FunkRock from Georgia   Mother´s  Finest




    followed by Stanley Clarke " Schooldays "





    and finally Jann Akkerman´s " it could happen to you "





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  2. D H L


    The large global corporation is named after the American entrepreneurs and founders Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom and Robert Lynn. The name for the US logistics company was derived from the first letters of their surnames in 1969. In 2002, the German postal service bought the US company.

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  3. After a long bike ride in the afternoon ...time to relax with some old Soul Vinyl


    " Love is the answer " Van McCoy




    than The 5th Dimension , some of you may remember that they had lot´s of billboard hits in the late 1960´tees and early 1970´tees





    and rtm ...Grover Washington " Come Morning "





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  4. After them I changed to Mott The Hoople,  any idea what does it mean ?




    and finally ......Chase was an American jazz-rock band.


    On August 9, 1974, Chase was traveling by plane to Minnesota for a gig at the Jackson County Fair when they ran into bad weather - in the subsequent crash, Bill Chase died along with band members Wally Yohn, John Emma and Walter Clark, and their two pilots were also killed



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  5. Spun some german Music today , all bands were from the former german democratic republic , you should know them all @AndreG.    AMIGA was the DDR Label at that time , they all were printed in the city Gotha . 


    The Band KARAT with their debut from 1978





    than the debut from the band CITY as well from 1978





    and finally the debut from the band REFORM 1979



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  6. Discovered this coffee bar in the district where I´m living now , it´s called Baristoteles Coffeehouse . Tasted their coffee yesterday , what shall I say ....absolutely delicious ...I made some pics , this how it looks inside


















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  7. this evening I spun Steely Dan´s Pretzel Logic




    than I connected the ADC XLM III with JICO SAS Neddle to my Trichord Phono Pre stage and spun their album You can´t buy a thrill




    followed by Peter Gabriels Solo Debut from 1977




    and finally Marillion´s debut album Script for a Jester´s Tear from 1983





    You may excuse the condition from my lp covers , but they´re really old . However , the vinyl itself is in perfect condition

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  8. Spun some vinyl yesterday ....


    first the @dirtmudd ´s mentioned Rick James ***** 😂




    than the best of collection from Eddy Grant




    after him the Reggae Band Third World




    and finally Bob Marley´s Kaya





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  9. AAAHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!! wanna return to the rehab clinic 😂, I mean it was like making holidays there , three weeks vacation !

    Full room cleaning service, laundry service, 3 meals a day like in an international hotel kitchen , swimming pools, waterbed hydraulic massages, mudd bathes, sporting centre and so on . I´m really missing that since I´m back home .


    Now I have to take care of these things on my own again  . Okay ...I´m biking , my next public swimminghall isn´t that far away, I´m waiting for my confirmation for the sports excersise club´s time schedule , than I can start up there as well.

    After the easter holidays I´ll start to play tabel tennis again, the trainee halls are closed till april 8th. Lot´s of papwerworks to manage in view to the upcoming possible retirement procedere. Will take up to six month till final decisions are done.


    So it´s better that I shouldn´t complain, I´ll have to make the best out of it.


    A bit of spring time feeling here today ..shall be 60 F in the afternoon and the sun is watching through the clouds as well.



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  10. 2 minutes ago, Abomb said:

    Wow!!! I'm not making light of any of that but I bet it could also power the space shuttle.

    you will be good adviced not to mention anykind of space shuttle w/in the community for some special reasons 🤣, that you can´t know ...be glad 😅

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  11. 57 minutes ago, Abomb said:

    If you don't mind me asking, what kind of turntable is that? It's beautiful!

    I´ll try to make it short . Well , it´s a vintage japanese Micro Seiki DQX 1000 direct drive quartz controlled . They were built in the late 1970´tees and is the mother of all modern copied tt "oil rigs " . It´s a timeless tt concept that allows to mount up to three tonearms. I use one origin middel heavy modified Micro Seiki MA 505 MK II ( right sight ) and one light modified SME 3009 Tonearm ( back side ) . As I got different MI´s MM´s and MC´s in my cartridge collection it´s quiet important to meet their technical prerequisites like needle compilances and others.


    The wole unit is controlled with that motor controller unit for power on / off ,  quartz lock on / off and speed control



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