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  1. Enjoying my first muck Latte Macciato this morning. 10. 30 am , the sun is shining today after 10 days of heavy rain . In the backround I´m streaming and listening to 1.fm absolute blues hits .    Well it's not a bad start to the day. Don´t have any further plan for today, waiting for an important phonecall from the hospital . I have to go back to the hospital and I´m waiting for an appointment confirmation for admission

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  2. 10 hours ago, JohnJ said:

    Think I told y'all that I can't find my salsa down here in grocery stores. Online $15 - 20.00 a jar... they can keep that.Folks that make it in TX wanted more to ship it than to buy it.


    DDucked it and tracked it to NJ at a specialty food shop. Got it at a regular price again, they've got some chocolate there.

    Stuff's good so I made second coffee to go with my Crimson day today!

    Got tropical weather late tonight here.


    @MeloManiac  .. @JohnJ is eating belgium chocolate  smilie_essen_092.gif   it´s a big small world , isn´t it ?

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  3. 6 hours ago, Skulls9 said:


    I'm very interested in having the upgraded DeanG crossovers for my RF 7 III please send info on time and cost.



    I'm not aware that there is an X-Over upgrade for the MK III at all. And if there is, is it still an original Klipsch speaker?  I would be interested to know this  as well

  4. In Germany we´ve have tinnitus pillows , called trigger sleeping

    What problems does TriggerSleeping help with?
    The following problems are signs of a functional disorder of the cervical spine, which can be prevented and treated in a supportive way by TriggerSleeping:

    Tension (muscle tension)
    Cervical spine syndrome (HWS syndrome)
    Headaches (tension headaches)
    Stiff neck with rotary vertigo (Vertigo)
    Sleep problems (teeth grinding, snoring, apnea, trigeminal neuralgia)
    Sleep disturbances and difficulty falling asleep with shortness of breath
    Tinnitus (ringing in the ears)


    Unfortunately I don´t know whether they are available in USA

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  5. 11 minutes ago, Full Range said:

    Rainy days are the best conditions for listening to music 

    Well for us here wet days removes static electricity 

    And it also puts one’s mind at rest to enjoy audio 


    I´still working at the restauration from the little great sounding KM 4 , keeps me busy

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  6. 3 minutes ago, JohnJ said:

    And I'm reading today about what you're doing tomorrow!


    gonna sleep the whole day .It´s raining and raining . All the rain we missed in the summertime is falling since three days , non stop

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  7. 4 minutes ago, JohnJ said:

    You doing spares like George? Or just changing.

    Like that packaging or wrapping paper it's set on to highlight it.

    Hi JJ 😁 still awake, as I have to drive my doughter to the train station in 2 hours , it´s 3 am , not 33  1/ 3 am here 😂

    She´s leaving for a short trip to Hamburg

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  8. 14 hours ago, dirtmudd said:


    @dirtmudd....Mike , I really respect your BIG Vinyl collection , you invest so much $$$$$$$$$ ! , When does your NoS " Rubber Gommet " for your  Thorens Tonarm arrives ? For lausy 129 $ bucks ? This is the average price for 5 records, you can always buy them later. We all are wainting to see you in action here .

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  9. 23 minutes ago, JohnJ said:

    Pal Simon's stuff, especially those with the African percussion... tell me they couldn't be used for testing new gear like Steely Dan's recordings!

    Sorry Bud to disagree with you here, both are superbly mastered and even not all Steely Dan Stuff sounds great !

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  10. Well maybe it makes sense to show my Vintage Cartridges here as well , as it fits into this thread, where I´m the author.  There´re enought vinyl starters here that haven´t any idea about vintage Pick-Ups. Moving Iron / Moving Magnet Carts got a more or less bad reputation as entry Pick-Ups in this modern Audio World where Moving Coils are allways better and leading in the market. That is an typical sole agent answer if you ask about the difference between MI / MM / MC Carts.  Nonsense imho !


    If someone from you guys here is looking for a fair priced and really good sounding MI or MM have a look at these, before buying a new model which is more expansive , just to make the sole agent´s vallet bigger 😂


    These are the cartridges for the through modified SME 3009 tonearm , under all headshells ( all with new OFC headshell wiring ) there are teak spacers to optimize the precision of scanning


    From right to left : ADC XLM MKII / Goldring G 900 SE / Goldring IGC 920 / Sonus GoldBlue . All needles are absolutely as new with less than 50 hours of operation.




    Here are the cartridges for the modified MA 505 MK II tonearm on original Micro Seiki headshells with new OFC headshell wiring.


    From right to left : Audio Technica AT20SLA / Grado Prestige Gold II / Osawa 301 / Nagaoka OS 300 MP , ditto here the operating hours





    The ADC QLM 30 MK III




    Grado Reference Platinium Wood




    Stanton 681 EEE NoS and not used up to now



    Super rare in the market


    ADC XLM MKIV Nos and still in the box with the famouse " Pathemax Needle ( modified Shibata Grind )





    The Audio Technica AT 7 V  and ADC XML MK III are currently in use. I'm just about to break in the new needles.






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  11. First of all, they have been running non-stop for 28 hours. Sometimes via streaming, sometimes SACD, sometimes vinyl. The KM 4 has a sensivity of 94 dB at a FQ of 36 Hz to 20 KHz. I do not have to cranck it before it opens completely and everything is " there " . So from 65 dB sound pressure it fills the large room with a very open clearly structured stage. At higher levels, from 80 dB is here really the "hell" going on, impressive !


    The KM 4 is very homogeneously tuned, the horn plays silky and crystal clear. They draw high resolution but just never "annoying.  Weasel-quick is the emotional musical flow , with wonderfully localized voices. Piano passages make me think ..they are so so beautiful,fascinating !


    Wind instruments...I hear the "blowing" of the mouthpieces, classical instruments are authentic in reproduction, really graceful to me. Everything comes very very smoothly as well as with a good portion of "emotion",amazing !


    There is no "hole" in the FQ of 36 Hz > 20 KHz. Treble, brilliance, presence, midrange, midbass, upper bass, bass ..everything fits, meshes, sophisticated !


    Subbass punch ? They do not have, they do not need, but it is absolutely precise in the lower FQ spectrum, the pitches are just right..stunning !


    They are "all-round" flawlessly play through any genre. She wants you to listen to her ! They manage to take you on their musical journey. You don't get tired of them either...new tune = new attention to their performance...unusual !


    Well..okay they get playback equipment from the 10 K€ league, that probably plays an important role behind the scenes, but it exhausts them and just gets everything out of them.The harmony between electronics and KM 4 fits apparently in this combination from the beginning, harmony !


    So much for my first subjective impressions. It will remain exciting, because the tube preamplifier and mono power amplifiers as well as the hybrid options with the PM11-S3 pre- or power stage are waiting for the KM 4!



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  12. They all say the Paul Simon´s " Graceland " is his best , of course it´s good. Still totally underestimated is his


    " The Rhythm of the Saints " 1990 / WB Label / Made in Germany. This album is actually the follow-up to Graceland






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