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  1. Hi Guys, I have hardly slept more than 4 hours in the past few days. Work, family and the moddy, phase 6, are a bit difficult for me. I just wanted to give you a quick update ........ I read through this whole thread here and find that I have survived the "Contact Enhancer" Shitstorm. And I notice that I am often compared to a "Jeff Medwin". So I'm probably not being taken seriously here ... Still, I don't give up and keep going.


    The new terminals on the MK II are almost finished. All that is missing are the brass screw connection on the terminals and on the wood. To get the old terminal cutout of the MK II tight I will seal it with acrylic glue from the inside.In the other picture you see the monochrystalliene 2 x 2 mm 2 internal wiring, which I installed 3 years ago in the MK II.


    Bye for now!



    Alpha Kupferkleiner.jpg


    Terminal 1kleiner.jpg

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  2. So gentlemen, I will find little time to post in the next 14 days, my RF 7 MK II has been out of service since yesterday and is being prepared for phase 6 of my moddy. Then I start soldering the external crossover. Once I have completed this, I have to assemble 8 single wire 12 mm2 cable sets and equip them with WBT 0610 OFC copper angled banana plugs, that is 32 pieces. The external crossovers also each have 8 WBT 0708 pole terminals. The entire concept is based on a bi wire solution. Spent over $ 1,000 on plugs today. I got Yamaha 2 way speakers from the children's room into the music room to be able to listen to some relaxed music while working, well, in contrast to my phase 1 to 5 modified RF 7 MK II sound cruel. But will I survive ... somehow ...I hope it doesn't end with me .....


    Best regards MicroMara

    der verarmte audiophile.gif


    der verarmte audiophile 2.jpg

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  3. Yes ..... very, very sad to have already read that in Germany in the sports news. Since Dirk Novitzki became a basketball star in the USA, this sport has also become very popular in Germany.

  4. 1 hour ago, Randyh said:

    why do you promote the RF 7 MKII , is there anything special that makes that speaker so desirable

    It is certainly also due to my electronic chain that my MK II plays so extraordinarily wonderful, because it is played with a Marantz PM 11-S3 amplifier and a Marantz SA 11-S3 SACDP / DAC. This is a wonderful combination of timbres with the diction of a tube amplifier and the power of a bull.

  5. 9 minutes ago, Randyh said:

    The P 39 F was selling for 20k$ in the USA , and some new pairs at end of production sold for 10k$ -I think you would be impressed


    13 minutes ago, Randyh said:

    The P 39 F was selling for 20k$ in the USA , and some new pairs at end of production sold for 10k$ -I think you would be impressed

    I know the F 37 and had heard it once, my wife thought it was terrible .... the WAF, you know what I mean...😎

  6. 48 minutes ago, glens said:


    I see the use of (low-value) bypass caps being espoused all over the place, with description of how they alter the sound, yet my logical thought process leads me to believe the described results can only be imagined.  The low values only allow current to flow in any meaningful way at frequencies much too high to possibly create the effects usually described.


    Who can justify the discrepancy?

    he German Silver Mica that I use have an excellent reputation in Europe. To determine whether and how a positive sound influence takes place or not, I will set up the external crossover with the Silver Mica from the beginning. After a few weeks I will solder them out again to determine whether they really have a decisive influence on the sound harmony of the RF 7 MK II in the high-mid range. The project will not be finished with the completion of the external crossover.Of course, I could also mount the crossover without a mica and solder it in after a few weeks, but these mica capacitors take about 300 hours burn-in. At least that's what they told me.


    Regards MicroMara

  7. 38 minutes ago, Randyh said:

    why do you promote the RF 7 MKII , is there anything special that makes that speaker so desirable


    Well, I've owned many, and certainly much more expensive speakers. So far, no loudspeaker in this price range has managed to impress me even after 4 years. Friends of mine own e.g. Jm Lab, Tannoy, Dali, B & W, Dynaudio and so on, when you listen to music with me you are simply speechless like a loudspeaker from this price range can play so enormously well. However, this requires good room acoustics and a huge volume of space. The example mentioned with "AMG" or "BRABUS" tuning was only used to illustrate my procedure on the RF 7 MK II. Of course, an AK6 Khorn is cool, but costs a good $ 22.000 in Germany the pair.


    Regards MicroMara

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  8. 2 hours ago, MechEngVic said:

    Ha! I was just joking with deang, making a reference to the tv show "The Mandalorian", where a group of characters has to keep their identities a secret from the world and their creed is "This is the way". 


    What deang was explaining was matching the original DCR of your coils, which you seem to already know, and also maintaining their mutual inductance values. In other words, since the original coils are so close together, they are going affect each other, and their measured values will differ from their rated values. The measured values are what matter, so if you are using the same rated values in your new crossovers, you will have to place the coils close enough together to be within at least 10% of the measured mutual inductive values of the original coils.


    Thanks for sharing the diagram. 


    Didn't know that the DRC in American English is exactly the same as in Germany.


    Yes, the DRC values of the wax coils and the resistors do not match the original Klipsch values. They don't have Silver Mica Bypass Caps in there either. There are also other modification options regarding the horn if it should play too dominantly due to the wax coils. So far, I think, thought of everything and then, hopefully, be prepared for everything. I will also measure everything and publish the diagrams here, but that will take a few more weeks. In principle, my crossover is a fundamentally different concept.


    Regards MicroMara

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  9. 17 hours ago, MechEngVic said:

    MicroMara, When you can, can you make a diagram with values of the rf7 ii crossover? I have yet to find one.


    Two days ago you wrote to DranG to keep the secrets, now you ask me?  I'll tell you something: Yes, I will send it to you in a few hours via the Message Portal.


    Nevertheless, you make a mistake in thinking. You can't bridle a horse from behind. Crossover tuning is the last measure to be carried out on the RF 7 MK II. She has to be prepared for the crucial moddy. My modification phase 1 to 5 is a chain of changes where one link engages in the next, and with the crossover basis it can give you so much more pleasure than ever before. I've had the same experience over the past few weeks, but if I just tuned the crossover, it wouldn't be the same.


    I would like to explain this to you using the following example: You buy a wonderful Mercedes, everything is perfect. Then there are tuning companies like "AMG" or "BRABUS". They don't just install an engine with more horsepower. No, the electronics, the shock absorbers, the chassis, the brake lines, the aerodynamics, the design,everything is readjusted, only then is the more powerful engine installed. Only then is everything perfectly coordinated and the vehicle is at a higher level and can perform its best performance.


    Regards MicroMara


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  10. 14 hours ago, Deang said:

    No I’m not. I just build the stupid things. 

    Dear DeanG. that's really not true. You are doing a great job. I've been following this for years. You are a teacher of good sound and enjoy a high reputation in the community. Just because there is a crazy German (I mean) who is doing such a crazy sound potential analysis on the RF 7 MK II, does not diminish your work and recognition in any way. I will never achieve your status and recognition.


    Sincerely MicroMara

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  11. My technical american english is really not so good that I always understand you straight away. This can easily lead to misunderstandings. Please excuse this.


    And as far as contact enhancement is concerned, whether the application on the crossover makes sense, I don't really know, but it was on the copper coils of the diaphragm and copper braid strands of the mid-bass woofer, as well as all OFC copper flat plugs and copper braid for the horn and the flat plugs in the crossover connections really useful.


    Regrads MicroMara

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  12. 13 hours ago, Deang said:

    The coils on the stock PCB are measured while on the board. IOWs, the mutual inductance is factored in. When you move them apart, oh never mind ...


    The wound wire is covered with enamel. Hopefully the fancy NASA whatever it is doesn't break it down.


    The wax coils are nice, but if you didn't match the DCR, oh never mind ...

    What do you mean with DCR ?


    Best regards MicroMara


  13. 6 hours ago, Randyh said:

    how much does this entire setup cost so far in materials alone -

    it's a good  2,300 $ for all moddys together, so phases 1 to 6 , materials only . But with this investment, I hope to make them play in the $ 12-  to 14.000 league. She's already playing in the $ 8- to 10.000 league. 😊 In Germany, however, audio products are very expensive, we have very very high taxes on luxury goods.

    You don't get used RF 7 MK II under $ 2.400 a pair, the MK III costs $ 4.400 here.

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