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  1. I'm running a Klipsch academy for a center and Klipsch cornwalls for front mains. I'd like to get some suggestions on what speakers to add to complete my 6.1 system. I'm running a Yamaha RX-V1 (6.1) amp and need the following speakers: * Rear surround (pair) * Rear (center) * Front surround (pair) My concern is that I get a horn loaded Klipsch speaker that is somewhat close to the tonality of my Cornwall mains and center academy. My rear surrounds are mounted on the wall at the cieling in the corners, so please keep in mind that I need smallish speakers here...that is, i can't mount Klipsch Hereseys! So with that in mind, I'd welcome any suggestions. Thanks, bob
  2. I'm trying to understand the difference in sound in all (3) of these models. Example, is Cornwall I better than Crnwall II at the same Used price?
  3. funny you should mention that...I've always though about modifying a heresy speaker into a smaller box to use as a basturedized academy! How do you go about making a crossover to match a 6" or 5.25" woofers? Has anyone on the forum done this?
  4. thanks for the replies guys... I don't know how to post a pic with my post...I can do it if someone explains how... So, it seems the KV-3 or KLF C7 will be the most appropriate for my situation. I'll also need rear surrounds and a rear center speaker...any recommendations?
  5. I have Cornwall mains...simply put, I'm just looking for any speaker that can up with them. Yes, In a perfect world Heresey's would be the best match sonically, But I have entertainment center furniture, 50" rear projection TV plus all my audio gear all stacked up...It's starting to look like I'm running sound for a Led Zeppelin concert circa 1972! I'm pushing W.A.F. factor as it is... I have a space in my ent center for a center speaker.... it's 22" wide by 8" high... Does anyone know of an appropriate speaker that can work and is this size?
  6. Has anyone seen a direct review of these two subs vs. each other? Which one is better? How do they differ in sound?
  7. very funny ....sent it to all my friends!
  8. Does anyone know what yera this serial number is from? 124w400, 401 I've heard that older Hereseys sound better...Is that true?
  9. Yeah, I heard that about Terk... The Tuner is a major part of a HT system and getting a good signal is imparative. It's a slippery slope when researching antennas, manufactures of these indoor solutions don't give you the truth. Terk is distributed at all Target stores...nice distribution...targeting women buyers!
  10. thanks, that makes sense...now I'm trying to choose among three different brands, Fanfare Omni directional whip, Terk FMPRo (FM-50), or just a regular FM antenna on top of the house (TV antenna type). The Fanfare is non-amplified (http://www.ccrane.com/fanfare-fm-antenna.aspx) the Terk is amplified http://www.terk.com/pdfs/FM50.pdf. I was wondering if amplifying the antenna really works?
  11. I'm wondering if there is a difference between the Radio Shack High-Gain Amplified AM/FM Antenna for $25 or say a Terk or any other more expensive brand. Does any Forum members have any suggestions or experience with these brands? THanks- bob
  12. Hi Tom, I was curious about how the AKL Cornwall x-overs sounded vs. the original x-overs. It seems you are expert in this area. Also, changing the diaphram...do they just get old? What is the best bang-for-your buck...replacing parts in the x-over or changing out diaphrams? THanks in advance, -bob sacco
  13. rsw klipsch for punch....svs for depth...what about svs boxes?
  14. hwatkins...great HT setup.... I always though the best way to get rear surrounds would be to mount hereseys right into the ceiling at a 45 degree angle like you did...wow! it must sound fabulous! nice job on the center speaker... How long did it take to build?
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