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  1. Here is my rendition of Maynard’s “Ultimate Gem”. 1.7 watt SEP. Maynard, thanks again for sharing your design! Pete
  2. Maynard, As you can see in the attached pic, l tried to follow the layout in your photo however, because I didn’t place tubes close enough and also because I ordered components with different construction than what you used I needed to add wire length to a number of resistors and caps. I had to deviate a lot from your design to get those large “high frequency” pots to fit where you used those small blue pots.
  3. Success... another Ultimate Gem is playing tunes! Thanks again, Maynard, for sharing your hard-earned knowledge and expertise, creating this design. I can see that the biggest weakness I have going on with my new low-wattage system is my 90.5 dB desktop speakers. Set to max output, these 4fe35, faital, 4 inch single drivers speakers are loud enough for some good, relaxing listening but I won’t be rockin’ The house. (Maynard’s and Jeff’s earlier comments on speaker efficiency were spot-on). These faital drivers only have a few hours break-in and they have a reputation for being light on bass and sometimes “shrill” on the top. Playing music with piano instrumentals, some of the notes are definitely overly shrill. Playing other music, the U Gem is VERY nicely detailed. I can hope, with some more break-in, these speakers will improve somewhat. I still need to try some of my other speakers with the U Gem, but my other speakers are even less efficient. As has been said the U Gem has very little background noise. With volume at max and ear up to the speaker I hear zero hum. Silly me, when I ordered tubes for the U Gem I didn’t order extras for rollin’... I only have the three GE tubes. that’s all for now... I have more ‘sperimenting and listening to do. Pete
  4. Maynard, This evening I finished the power supply enough to power it up. I am measuring 171vdc output. Before I plug into the Ultimate Gem amp, is this voltage in the ballpark of what it should be? I still need to install the output transformers but I am very close to at least thinking this amp is complete. Pete
  5. Jeff, I appreciate your input regarding speaker efficiency vs amp wattage. I should be be finished with Maynard’s Ultimate Gem amp within the next few weeks and am anxious to hear how the combination of this amp and my speakers perform. ... Near-field listening might be the only option. Speaking of higher wattage amps, Maynard’s 6aQ5 based amp has also caught my attention for a possible future build but first I need to see if I followed Maynard’s Ultimate Gem drawing well enough so, when powered up, it outputs music, not smoke. My fingers will be crossed. Pete
  6. Good to know about the soft-start... I will save the 15 watt resistor/hand warmer for a future build. Sir Maynard, ...hopefully you can accept that as a title of deserved respect. :D)
  7. Sir Maynard, in the Ultimate Gem power supply, what is the benefit of the “Manual soft-start” feature? I am leaning towards omitting this switch and resistor for the sake of simplification... I gather it is not critical? Thank You, Pete
  8. Thanks Mike. I will likely refer extensively to photos of your build as well as Maynard’s. First, I need to finish Maynard’s “Ultimate Gem” ... just waiting for the EDCOR xformers.
  9. Was searching for Maynard’s original post, containing the drawing for this SEPP amp and couldn’t find it ( searched back to 2015). Could someone please repost? thank you, Pete
  10. Maynard, Good chance I will have some questions for you. I will be building in spare time on saturdays so it will be a number of months at least before complete. I also will be ordering xformers from Edcor which, I understand, could take 6 weeks. I do not have high efficiency, Klipsch speakers. I do have a number of speakers I can use... some "transmission Line" speakers that are 90.5 db efficient and other less efficient, single-driver speakers I would use with a powered sub. I am curious to see how these will do with the 1.7 watt Ultimate Gem. If needed, I may need to build more speakers. :D) Pete
  11. This interesting thread has been sitting idle for three years too long! Yesterday I ordered parts for the "Ultimate Gem" from Mouser... hopefully I didn't miss anything and will not need to re-order. This should be fun! ...Will be ordering tubes and sockets this week. Pete
  12. Hello Tube Fanatic, (or someone else familiar with these designs) Trying to resurrect this topic... in addition to the Little Gem, you also have the "Little Sweetie" SET. In comparing Little Gem with Little Sweetie, what are strengths of each? And do you have a drawing of the stereo version of Little Sweetie? ... I have drawing of the mono version. For me to have a successful build I need to keep it simple! Pete
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