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  1. "That was pretty crazy man. You know, though, I tend to agree with you. Those actions probably did take courage and if an American flew a plane into Saddam's house and killed him he would be a hero for sure. In other words, dying for the cause you believe in does take balls." Neutral??? Most Nuetral parties have logic and reason. LOL You're saying cowardly sneaking up on and killing unsuspecting innocent civilians is AS HERIOC as attacking a prepared Military leader in a heavily fortified location. Spin your way out of that. You just showed your true colors. You're an apologist for terrorism and a terrorist justifier. Or you're an Illogical Liberal that can't think it through your bias and messed up political idealism. I suspect the Latter. P.S., I was doing you a favor on Wait. I'm sure you're much uglier than that ogre. LOL Good talent though. ;-)
  2. "The vast majority of newspapers, newsmagazines and TV networks are in favor of "Free Trade" and the dissenting opinion on this is given very little coverage." So are most Democrats, as Clinton and Gore were. Do you forget their fight for NAFTA? It's a Bipartisan issue. Your premise that it's supported only or even largely by Conservatives or the GOP is False. Ever listen to Pat Buchanan? LOL "They favor the Conservative view on economic issues." Where's your research to support that? If you're projecting your false assertion above to this statement, then as retorted above, both statements are false. "Labor issues get very little coverage;" Labor Unions have shrunk into obscurity. Maybe they're covering in relation to their importance. As much as their relevance has shrunk, I'd say it's pretty Liberal they get any coverage at all. LOL "Labor is the litmus test for Liberals as no other group is fought by Conservatives as tenaciously as Organized Labor is." This suprises you? Unions largely have now become PACs for the Democratic party. "And note that all newspapers and TV stations are owned by, well owners; and business owners are not noted for their Liberal views." Like Ted Turner is not? LOL A recent poll found that around 70% or so of journalists/editors vote Democrat. even if your statement on owners (shareholders) were true, which it's not, do they write and edit? LOL "Most mainstream media I've read also are against such issues as Living Wage initiatives and Minimum Wage increases." I'm suprised you read the National Review. LOL Come now, you know the majority of Americans get their business news from the Liberal daily papers and Liberal mainstream Network news. Rather, Jennings, Browkaw/Williams conservative? LOL Now if you're talking about where the smarter minority get their business news that's different. Most all in the smarter minority vote GOP because they deal in the real world and not idealogy. Idealogy is bad business. LOL "Think about it Pyro, have your local papers and TV stations been demanding a raise in wages or a return to fair trade? And if not how can they be Liberal?" They will as soon as the Dem pols do. LOL
  3. "Are you saying that people are against the war BECAUSE Al Gore lost the election. By extension then, everyone who voted for W. is pro-war? Your logic sugests, I don't know,...a brain tumor?" Is that all you got, comrade? You didn't address the facts I made about Clinton and the strange lack of protest on his actions. Says a lot about your credibility when you totally ignore the facts I presented and the overall premise. Instead you obviously twist the premise and resort to name calling. Here again are the facts itemized and simplified for your better understanding: in '98, Clinton bombed Iraq in Operation Desert Fox against the UN, AND US Congress, AND with NO resolutions from either to do so. Clinton changed US policy toward Iraq, and thereby called for REGIME CHANGE in Iraq. in '99, Clinton bombed Bosnia, again against the UN, and US Congress, AND AGAIN with NO resolutions to do so. Clinton used his War Powers from the War Powers Act of 1973 and exceeded the allowed powers' 60-day time limit. Clinton used the excuse that attacking Bosnia was a PREMPTIVE action to prevent war from erupting to a wider scale in the Balkans, recalling the previous volatility there preceding the world wars decades ago. It should be noted that the Serbs in no way directly attacked the US and Terrorism was not revealed to the extent it was with the 9-11 attacks. Clinton also called for REGIME-CHANGE with the removal of Milosovich. So you are now implying that the level of Protests for these Clinton actions were as large or anywhere near the scale that are now going on against the Bush43 admin? Bush43 obtained UN resolution 1441 (the 17th resolution requiring Iraq to disarm of WMT) and a specific Resoluton from the US Congress. 9-11-01, 'nuff said (for the sensible anyway). Compare and contrast strawman.
  4. Hey Keiv is that picture you? It looks like my 80 yr old mother. LMAO No wonder. All transvestites are Liberals. He-he-he Kiev look like the Self-Appointed Lead Liberal. Big on Idealogy but can't argue the facts. Apologist for Terrorism though. Traitorous bastard. Keep eating those sour Grapes from Al "I invented the internet" Sore Losing. And How'd that last election do ya? He-he-he Liberals are the armpit of America and Kiev is a Greasy hair folicle. They're scared of riling up Coward terrorists so whats that make them??? LMAO
  5. It all comes down to one thing. W Bush won the election now years ago and the Liberals are still pissed about it and whiney, Desperate losers. Canadians of course are all mostly Pacifist, Socialists like the New Sour Grapes, Clinton-mindset, Reactionary, Image-over-Substance, Idealism-over-Realism-results Democratic Party. So you see it IS all about Politics. Look at what Clinton did, including changing the U.S. policy to regime-change in Iraq. Desert Fox and Bosnia (more regime-change: Milasovich). UN was against these - No approval. NO resolutions from the US Congress. Plus in Bosnia Clinton exceeded the limits of his War Powers. So you see, you can laugh at the miserable Liberals and know what they're all about now with this huge uproar - Partison Politics over Country. I'm out of here. Enjoy the Academy Protest. LOL
  6. Earwax, Everybody except your Biased Liberal Clown buddies know you're a Biased Leftist so your opinion really means Squat. Fact is Fox has as many Liberals as Conservative. Answer this Sunflower Facist. Are you Really as stupid as you come across here or is that from your lack of translation skill??? LOL he-he-he
  7. ---------------- On 3/23/2003 5:24:51 AM Kain wrote: ---------------- Uhhh...it takes COURAGE to drive a plane into a building knowing that you are going to die. How can you be a coward for doing that?? Do you not know the difference?? LOL. ---------------- you're trouble Now. man, you are one stupid mother ****er.
  8. Kain, you forgot on your list - Terrorism. Figures you'd be on this one. You no life Scumbag Camel's ***.
  9. Kain, you ignorant ****. Fox is Neutral. The reason you think it's biased is Because you're a Biased, Totalitarian and Terrorist supporting POS. Get off of here you scumbag. Except for the Naive and Ignorant Riff-Raff here, we're tired of you using us for ALL your stupid questions. You're a complete Camel's *** and pain in ours. You may be a teenager, but you have the mentality of an American 7-year old.
  10. "Uhhh...it takes COURAGE to drive a plane into a building knowing that you are going to die. How can you be a coward for doing that?? Do you not know the difference?? LOL." This is what the coward Terrorist supporter said on another thread. He should be banned from this board for This alone. This is not free speech. It's Obscene and Criminal support of Murder. Some here are too naive and/or ignorant. But if you haven't noticed this piece of Crap does nothing but make post after ignorant post manipulating board members for his own gain. He only contributes mock one liner posts that amount to no value. He has no value to this board and is nothing but a nuisance. And HE SUPPORTS Terrorists. He's lucky to have America and Klipsch. Klipsch and Americans don't need anything to do with this scum.
  11. "I think it is ironic that your subject got twice the replies than mine having like five questions about setting up a stereo. lol" My point exactly. A few blabbering Liberal hacks have ruined this board completely. Take it to the AOL chat room you clowns.
  12. Figures I look and Kiev is Chicago -LIBERAL. LOL If you Libbies stay Contained in this Thread where you belong then you will No Longer taste my Venom here. But I doubt your naked Liberal soapbox Liberal aggression(desperation) Can be contained. Not until you learn your lesson. But as we know some clowns never learn as I walk away Victorious in my Mission. MUHAHAHA
  13. Sunflower are Puny UnAmerican Subs. Sunfire should be bought by the Candian Government. MUHAHAHA Oh And may God continue to bless America, MAc, SVS and Klipsch.
  14. "Here is what I found...Forrest complains about liberals screwing up the board BUT Forrest never EVER has post anything even remotely related to Klipsch or audio in general." That is FALSE. Ask Earwax. LOL I have KLF 30, Mac and SVS Ultra. You NewComers that have turned this Board into a Riff-Raff forum talk out of you A$$ with no Experience. I notice this Board has Gone down the tubes when punks like Cattle Prod popped up and started posting about Everything from Politics to Pimples on his butt. TBoneHoffaBrennen never misses a chance to push his Liberal Union agenda here with his hatred and sarcasm. Collin does his Liberal bait posts regularly. Kain jumps in and spewed his Anti-Semite and Pro-Terrorist views. On and on. Shows how desperate Liberals are these days. And notice how Kain and Kunuck and even American Liberals views are just alike. I view regular in the Real audio Sections but saw Lynn make a blatant Political statement in Kain's going to Pack thread. BTW, who gives a rat's on an audio board??? LOL But the New Riff-raff has turned General into a Pimples on Butt section. It's General AUDIO you losers. Get a Life. LOL The Liberals can use this Board for a Soapbox sure that's Free Speech. But as they continue to do it they can expect to be Opposed and more so by more sensible folks as the New Democratic party of weak-minded, Reactionist Clinton worshipers goes down the crapper. hee-hee-heeeee
  15. Look at the Dumb no Life Canadians. You Marxist are in for a ton of hurt. You my Doggs now. LMAO Kain have fun in Pakistan but watch out for the ISI and CIA. LMAO
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