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  1. Best was Saving Private Ryan by far.
  2. you go always go for these. http://forums.klipsch.com/forums/t/115663.aspx
  3. Check these Khorns for sale. http://forums.klipsch.com/forums/t/115663.aspx
  4. Thank you LarryC. Both the 60th khorn and LSII's are nice speakers. My in your face comment was mainly directed towards the LSII's voice range. When listening to groups like Iron Maiden Bruce Dickinson (Lead Singer) is in your face with the rest of the band behind him. Guess thats why he is the frontman. [] As LarryC stated the Khorns do have a slighty larger sound. In the end you can't go wrong with either one of these speakers.
  5. Comparison between the LaScala II's and 60th Anv Khorns....... The best way I can say it is the LaScala II's are in your face. While the 60th Khorns are smooth and more refined. I like both for different reasons. If I would have kept the LaScala's I would have added a sub but I don't think it is completely necessary. I would ask these questions as we all know. What type of music do you like? What is your room dimensions? Do you have two good corners? As for the crossovers in each. I think you guys beat that to death. Call tech support if you are not sure.
  6. WOW have things changed. Just looked at this old thread. I now have 60th Annv Khorns and are loving them. Need to find a Belle as center. When do you guys think Klipsch will bring back belle's? Or even better make a heritage center capable of keeping up with the Khorns?
  7. I demand either a Belle or an actual Heritage Center Channel for my System. [^o)]
  8. Are you using the sub in 2ch/HT or both? Thanks!
  9. probably won't add a sub just interested in what others are doing.......
  10. Just curious who is using a Sub with Khorns? What sub do you recommend for use with Khorns? I was thinking one of the JL Audio subs..... Thanks....
  11. LaScala II is one nice sounding speaker. OP, What type of music do you like?
  12. http://www.cratersandfreighters.com/cf/geo.do?fid=60 Try this website. They came to my house and picked up my lascalas. Brought them back to there loading dock, placed them on a pallet and sent them to klipsch.
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