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  1. I'm thinking about buying a pair of Klipsch Powered speakers (The Sixes) for a small vinyl set-up, anybody have any thoughts on them?
  2. Ok I went back to my neighbours yard sale, (early bird)...:D..Got the Dual 1299, and a Toshiba SR-250 t/t for $30 the pair...both in lovely condition. He also has a Technics SL-Q300 but he wants $50 for it...not in as good shape.
  3. Got a chance of picking up a Dual 1229 t/t, a quick search shows it to be a decent performer. Anyone have first hand experience of it?
  4. oldenough

    What I Got Today!

    Jico VN35HE stylus for my Shure v15iii....Bliss.... For sure the best replacement stylus to date.
  5. I'm still shooting film, my Bronica gets a work out pretty regular, I sunk a lot of money into that system, it ain't worth much today but I'll use it until I can no longer get film...;)
  6. I made my point, I'm not going to argue it with you Dave, you are much smarter than what I is.
  7. If you want to understand the science behind global warming then start by studying the science...easy huh?...Unfortunately, and more often than not, Americans take more heed of the politicians of whatever party they subscribe to, or to their pastor...That is an ***-backards way to approach the subject. Have a chat with your Alaskan brethren, have a chat with the Inuit, or even better join me when I next go on a photo expedition to the Artic. You can argue the causes, though even that seems pointless, but you can't deny the fact that global warming is happening. If you do deny it, then you owe it to yourself to do some research of your own, by now you should have realised that you can't trust a politician, especially a republican, on this issue, and pastors don't generally like science.
  8. So, do you believe the sun has an heating effect on the oceans?
  9. I would have thought $100 to repair those speakers would be well worth the effort tom b. If by some chance you don't like them I'm sure someone would happily take them off your hands.....along with a tidy profit. I believe the 15TL was at or near the top of the heap at the time.
  10. It was a sad day, a long time fan of Leonard Cohen.
  11. No problem with the 30 watts of the Marantz, later on when the upgrade bug hits you consider having it re-capped and generally gone over. I have recently had two of my vintage Marantz receivers (2240 & 2245) re-capped and was knocked out by the improvement in sound.
  12. oldenough

    Debate tonight

    I would guess that we are being allowed some lee-way on this topic because we are acting (so far) in a respectful manner.
  13. oldenough

    Debate tonight

    The whole world is laughing it's head off at the prospect of a certain reality show host winning the presidency of the USofA...It has also unfortunately reinforced the worlds stereotypical view of Americans in general...A sad day for America, and indeed for democracy itself...
  14. Agreed, I was in the army stationed in Hong Kong at the time of quads introduction, it was a must have thing amongst us squaddies.
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