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  1. I've decided that trying to do work on my overly fast, glowing, distracting, vacuum-cleaner loud state of the art computer is silly. Then I relized my Epson 740 printer from five years ago is showing its age. Hmmmm.... ...New toys time! Except... I have no idea what sort of things I'd need to be as effective as possible at getting things done. I figured I would outfit the office with a low budget, _very_ quiet computer. The Mac mini comes to mind, however I suppose an iBook might do as well. Any inputs on which would be more useful? I don't do tons of traveling, but do move about a decent bit. I've never owned a laptop so if you have, share your feelings. Printer... I have no idea what to get. It just needs to be able to quickly churn out pages of black+white text, while being _very_ reliable and using inexpensive ink. Nowadays all I see are these fancy color photoprinters and whatnot... back in my day I used a dot-matrix printer with one color: slightly-black. Palm Pilot: I currently have a Palm Pilot T3, but am looking at one of the Windows things with WiFi wireless.. does anyone have experience with these? Also any ideas for other misc. office equipment such as book shelves, good ways of lighting the room, etc. etc. would also be appreciated. I figured on raiding an Ikea store for the desk/chair/etc. Total budget: ~2-5k, however spending less is a good thing. :-) Thanks guys. Oh, I almost forgot... ...which compact bookshelf speakers would offer the best bang-for-buck in a small room? Paradigm Atoms? Quintets w/a small sub? Thats the most important part of course.
  2. I don't really know anything about TVs, and I'm not very picky about them. I just want something that will be enjoyable. My choice is in your hands.
  3. I don't know what kind of TV I want, and yea I need the DVD player too.
  4. I've got 3000 dollars for an HT budget. I'll need everything, speakers, amps, sub, and a display. Now I'm reasonably well-read on speakers, so I can figure those out. But how much do you all suppose I should allot to a good display? Thanks.
  5. http://www.partsexpress.com/pe/pshowdetl.cfm?&DID=7&Partnumber=300-762&ctab=1 Such as that one? Would I be better off with an SVS PCi 25-31? PB1-ISD? Another kind I missed (in the same price range)? Its going to be used to add some low-end reinforcement to my B&W 602 S3s, and will have movie duty as well. I'd say about 75% music, 25% movie. Thanks.
  6. i have a feeling that the SVS would blow away the RW
  7. i went with the 602 S3s... just.. found them more pleasing to the ear. massive soundstage, perfect imaging... great speakers... smooth sounding. Plenty loud, not too hard to drive, nice impact.. either way you have a hella speaker.
  8. I cannot put into words the sheer.... *runs out of words* amazing. yea... thats a good word. if you ever get a chance.. see.. elvin jones' jazz machine.
  9. justin... dont know how you'd feel about this but what a lot of the experienced riders do with thier commuter bikes is to take some non-glossy dark green/brown spraypaint and make thier bikes look like hell. then they try and park them next to flashy bikes, and it makes your bike way less tempting
  10. hey justin.. cool bike. i have a Rockhopper Pro, little higher end but i prolly do heavier riding
  11. oh well i'm recieving what one could consider overwhelming support from ya'll... thank you very much guys.
  12. not girls, i'm going out with the girl i've liked since 6th grade (straight A student, wont touch alky or drugs, runs 28 miles a week and likes 80s hair metal ) thanks for the help guys
  13. i'm guessing this isnt really appropriate for these forums but i dont really have anywhere else to ask... if anybody out there feels like lending a little comfort to a very confused, distraught, and overall uncomfortable person please PM me...
  14. ---------------- On 9/1/2003 12:17:54 PM TheEAR wrote: "play nice dammit" You go girl ---------------- *ahem* i'm at least 63% sure that i am a GUY thank you.
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