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  1. Room is 16x30 with screen on short wall. I have four SPL-150s.  I would like to try one in each corner, but have a problem with one. The back right corner has a door on the side. I would have to move the back right speaker about 36" forward from the rear wall past the opening.  Thoughts regarding the rear placements?  


    Before anyone makes the suggestions, I cannot do a front and back 25/75 placement due to a door and piano, and I cannot do one 50% on each wall due to a fireplace.  A miniDSP HD is in my future. 





  2. Ditch the R14S and use a monopole.  Since you bought some R41Ms, get another set to finish off the side and rear.  If timber match is a concern, watch something with the 41Ms you have  on the side and see if it is an issue.  I have RP8000s and a RP504C. I once used R51Ms and R15Ms for side and rear.  It was fine.

  3. On 4/9/2021 at 8:01 AM, TonyC said:

    I have R-51M speakers and need a way to mount them to the ceiling. Mounting them anywhere else isn’t an option. I'm not sure about drilling holes in the back or bottom of them? I'm open to any suggestions. 

    I have drilled holes into the bottom of my R-15Ms.  To ease concern, remove the rear connection plate and look/feel inside the case.

  4. On 3/11/2021 at 10:05 AM, Zen Traveler said:


    Hmm...This is the post I'm referring to:



    There is a difference between monopolar wide dispersion speakers and wide dispersion bipolar speakers, such as the RS-3.  You have them and they may work well in your situation.  Atmos is quite flexible regarding setup.  I used bipolars for the side speakers for quite awhile.  When I changed to monopolar, the difference was dramatic...for the better.     

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  5. I found this in the Dolby Atmos Installation Guide and find it helpful:

    Overhead speaker characteristics:

    Dolby Atmos audio is mixed using discrete, full-range audio objects that may move around anywhere in three-dimensional space. With this in mind, overhead speakers should complement the frequency response, output, and power-handling capabilities of the listener-level speakers. Choose overhead speakers that are timbre matched as closely as possible to the primary listener-level speakers. Overhead speakers with a wide dispersion pattern are desirable for use in a Dolby Atmos system. This will ensure the closest replication of the cinematic environment, where overhead speakers are placed high above the listeners.

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  6. Thanks for the input.  I see that Dolby calls for using full range speakers.  The ones I currently use go down to 120 Hz.  The R-41 goes to 68 Hz, and the R-51 to 62 Hz.  I think I am eventually going to try the 41 or 51.  Both of Klipsch's Dolby SA speakers appear to be the 41 and 51 in a slightly different enclosure.  I am suspending the heights as the room has a high cathedral ceiling.  

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  7. I am finally retiring my floor level 25 year old Mission speakers.  With the new additions, I now have:
    SPL-150 subs (two)
    RP-8000F front L & R
    RP-504C center
    R-51M side L & R
    R-15M rear L & R
    Satellite speakers from a HT-50 system for heights (four, each have a 3.5" driver)
    Onkyo TX-RZ830 RX and an Onkyo M282 amp.  
    In the future I may consider RP-600Ms for the side.  However, I need to listen to this setup for now to see where I want to go.  My primary question is the height speakers.  I am considering replacing the 3.5s with R-41Ms.  Thoughts or suggestions?  Thanks in advance.
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  8. On 3/11/2020 at 9:17 AM, inMotionGraphics said:

    I might have to go with the new one in case I want to get another one later and would end up with two different looking ones... 


    Good reason.  That is exactly why I went with the SPL-150 a year ago.  Glad I did as I just ordered another one tonight.   Regardless of model, you are going to love it.

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