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  1. I’m sticking with a 2.1 stereo receiver for music only. TV is my business and a sound bar , no snickering now, gives me all I need from broadcast and cable channels.
  2. No doubt, connectivity to internet radio and an app to use my iPhone as a remote are high on my list of wants. Clean sound for my Heresy IV’s is a must too. The search for these things in one box under $3k continues. Are you listening Yamaha ?
  3. @rplace TuneIn as well as other internet radio entities are fighting it out with Sirius and ESPN for MLB and other Pro Sports broadcast rights. Most other alternatives to over the airwaves broadcasts charge a fee for their programming. I work in Broadcast TV and it is a nice to have the option to receive a FM broadcasts free of subscription fees just as it's nice to have an alternative to Cable TV with the simple use of an antenna for local TV reception. I pay for cable and enjoy the selection however you never know when you might just need to tune in to your local broadcaster for weather or "other" emergencies. This is why I'd like an "updated" receiver from Yamaha as opposed to an integrated amp. A standalone tuner and a streamer would also be an option, just more wires and space taken up. Hey, maybe I'm just a dinosaur !
  4. MLB doesn’t allow broadcast radio stations to distribute games other than through the airwaves. Same with the NFL.
  5. It’s nice to have a tuner to listen to a baseball game on the radio.
  6. I’ve thought an A-S 1200 and a Node would almost be an answer to my wish for an updated Yamaha receiver.
  7. I play a lot of CD's including SACD and stream mainly. A FM tuner keeps the dog happy while I'm at work. I'm in a 12 x 18 room with 8 foot ceilings with an open back wall to an entranceway. The Lyngdorf is very interesting for the room correction, I wish Yamaha had a contender but their receiver line is old, give me a A-S 1200 quality "receiver" and I'd be in seventh heaven.
  8. Truth be told my Heresy IVs sound great with my Yamaha receiver and a SVS SB-3000 subwoofer. I’d love Yamaha to update their receiver lineup and then I’d buy another one. The A-S 1200 has caught my attention however…..
  9. Strong endorsement for the A-S 1200 for sure and the Topping stack too.
  10. Yeah, the money metric is probably not the best limitation. I wonder if a new SS integrated such as the Yamaha A-S 1200 or something equivalent to that is as much upscaling as the Heresy IV's could benefit from. I am looking at new and not used.
  11. I have Heresy IV's and have held off from upgrading my Yamaha R-N500 receiver. How much do you think I should need to spend for a quality SS integrated before "The Law of Diminishing Returns" kicks in big time? I've looked as the new Yamaha line and Schiit gear and wonder if $3K is about as much as one needs to spend to get the most out of the speakers amplification wise. Room treatment is a whole other story. Hey, I'd love a Pass Labs XA-25 but budget doesn't permit that at this time. The Benchmark AHB2 would be high on my list too for that matter. Would the Heresy's be up to the task ?
  12. I’ve found that a SVS SB 3000 does a wonderful job of filling out the low end of my Heresy IV’s. My taste may be different than yours however.
  13. The SB-3K is a nice combo with the H IV’s. I’m still dreaming about the AS-1200. I’ll put in my request to Santa this year.
  14. I own a pair of Walnut Kg 3’s. A nice speaker. I moved up to Heresy IVs last year. If you like them, use them. Nice bass extension with the passive radiator. They were the smallest Klipsch horn loaded speaker at the time of manufacture. There is a nice review of them on the Klipsch website.
  15. And is that official company motto two words, the first word being “Bull” ?
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