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  1. Hello, I also received and installed a set of Brimar 4003's in my EVO 400 on Wednesday night... the initial reaction was wow, its dynamic! The bass was tight, the mids were punchy and the highs were more defined as you mention. I was hearing a larger soundstage as well. After about a 4-hr tube warmup period, I sat down for about an hour to listen to my play list favs. Afterward, i experienced listening fatigue from what I thought was due to the elevated 4K to 8K frequencies that I didn't have before. Yesterday afternoon I re-installed the stock tubes and went through my playlist again without a problem. To me, my speakers were better matched with the stock 12au7's in the amp. I was disappointed that my experiment didn't work out for me. I would be happy to sell them to someone interested. I would also consider trading for a set of Mullard ECC82/12au7's to try instead. Perhaps the Brimar gain tubes are sweet with Fortes. -Stay safe and well. Greg.
  2. Were the NOS 4003 gain tubes hard to find and expensive? My EVO400 loves Carlton's ES-335 too! Thanks.
  3. I have been searching around to see how to tame down the tweeter on my KLF-10's. I have upgraded to the Crites TI diaphragms and Crites built crossovers. I appreciate the information and will try the 10 ohm R2 modification next. I am wondering if adding Noico 10 mil sound deadening mat onto the back of the tweeter horn will help or not? I am also wondering if a resister can be placed on the + side of the tweeter wire instead of at the crossover? Any help or comments welcome. Thanks, Greg.
  4. Dang, that is pretty... love the cabinet too.
  5. Fantastic! Looks awesome and ready for some breaking in tonight. Enjoy and Cheers.
  6. That's exciting for sure... looking forward to reading your comments. Have fun😮 I ordered mine a week ago today so it should be arriving any day, I hope.
  7. I gathered a few of my favorite tunes (cd and lp) , went to the stereo shop hoping to listen to a few high end integrated amps that were dependable and held their value over the years. Considering what may be the last and best amp for me to retire with and to base my operation around. The McIntosh MA-252 and 352 experience was very good overall but similar to other solid state amplification I've had and enjoyed. Stepping up to the 352 definitely provided more headroom and dynamic range but still missing something... I did my best in explaining to the shop owner that I was waiting to hear the mid-range lush from the acoustic instruments and vocal ribbon mics producing that presence with harmonic depth. Once we connected up the Primaluna it was over with. It was the sound I was looking for that touched my soul. The sound put me in a place of content and relaxation and suppressed the analytical side of me. I never heard another amp before that put me in a place similar to live performance like this amp did. I've experienced a fair amount of awesome live venues and performed with some sweet concert choirs... I know the sound, feel and absorption of good music when I hear it. It did that day and will move forward with this amp hopefully for a long long time. In the near future I will continue the quest for the best pair of speakers for my rig.
  8. Hello! Keep it coming! I too have a EVO 400 coming in for me perhaps this week. I ordered it last week with a Music Fidelity phone stage so I can play my vinyl collection right out of the chute. Getting pretty excited. I will need to utilize my current speakers for now but the Forte are on my short list... the Klipsch KLF-10's are solid performers and will give them a try. I had a great shop in my neighborhood and listened to the MA 252 and 352. Wasn't what I was hoping for until I heard the Primaluna. I never tried any of the other PL models to know if I the 300 was adequate, etc.. for the price difference I should be able to drive most speakers if I choose to change.
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