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  1. Anyone here have a single K-57-K diaphragm lying around, possibly from an upgrade?


    I have a Chorus squawker that gave up and is now reading zero ohms.


    Simply Speakers sells these LINK and that's always an option, but if you have one for sale please let me know, thanks.



  2. On 4/2/2021 at 3:20 AM, Brownieintas said:

    Hi im intrested in your C7, where are you located, postage to Hobart. 

    Based on the picture of the original shipping label from many years ago, I'm going to venture a guess that the location is Little Rock AR.


    Nice center, if closer I'd have picked it up.

  3. These would be used with my Heresy Is. I listen to a lot of classic rock.


    Specific to the A/D/S M3, does anyone have experience with the sub? There's not a ton of information about there. I've been able to find out that this a sealed cabinet design, so and the plate amp seems to be glued at the back, so opening up is going to be difficult. I know A/D/S made quality products back in the day, so I'm counting on that.

    Online forums tell me the A/D/S is a 10" driver, but it dwarfs the Velodyne 12" right next to it, see picture. Could just be a large cabinet, but this thing pushes out serious air from the vents up front.


    I have this and the Velodyne and they're both great. I find the bass on the A/D/S to be a little tighter and like that sound overall so I'll likely keep it and sell the Velo. Just wanted to know if anyone had heard the A/D/S sub before and their experiences with it.


  4. Agree with this sentiment.


    What is also helpful here is when members chime in on what is a fair price, especially with the context of location. A fair price for Fortes in WI could be different from what it is in CA. Discussions on price are helpful.

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