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    Would those be "Super Heresys" in their own right?
  2. Haven't had the chance to hear a tangential yet... haven't heard how good my TTs are at their best yet, to tell the truth. 😄 I' m a little slow at getting things done right now...
  3. I know it's surely a superb machine (must be for the $$$), but it looks too much like an industrial robot to me... I like my wooden plinths and metal arms and tables... It's just me rambelin´...
  4. Good catch Marvel! Out of interest i looked up the Technics and they go for at least 400$ here in Germany.
  5. That set-up must sound awesome, congrats!
  6. If You feel confident, you can do it yourself. Here's a link to the service manual: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwjpiLPz25L1AhXihP0HHWaBCuEQFnoECAIQAQ&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.vintageshifi.com%2Frepertoire-pdf%2Fpdf%2Ftelecharge.php%3Fpdf%3DDual-721-Service-Manual-2.pdf&usg=AOvVaw2X7r4wpuMpGyRAWK19irPW
  7. Well, sort of. The 1218 is still on the work bench, I've been busy with other stuff. But i got a second Dual that was so cheap i couldn't pass it over. It's a 1214, that was a higher level entrance at the time. It plays well, it just won't turn off the motor once the record has played, have to pull the plug. So while the big brother is getting fixed, i can listen to stuff with this one and then fix this. Another plus, the mechanics on both are the same, so if i get lost i can compare to see what goes where. So, I'll be getting there, i guess.
  8. Miami Vice - cool!
  9. And I can' t say for sure, but it looks like a walnut finish.
  10. Welcome to the Forum! Those are Heresy 1. I have them too, great speakers, enjoy! There is a serial number, stenciled into the back upper rim of the cabinet, if You would like to know in detail when your speakers left the factory, look here:
  11. You have a point there, JohnJ... I have 31 days of paid holidays now, 28 with my old employer.
  12. You're lucky! Here in Germany, if a public holiday falls on a weekend? Too bad for You, of to work you go on Monday! 😒
  13. Just my two cents. I found to have much better bass response by using pucks like these: https://www.ebay.de/itm/4-x-Dynavox-Aluminium-F-sse-30-x-10-mm-Absorber-Entkoppler-Ger-te-F-sse-12729/292051405734?pageci=f7152437-9585-4bc7-abb7-025a0fbdce52&epid=1678043284&redirect=mobile Just in case the OEM stands should prove difficult to get.
  14. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.
  15. Good to see children interested in something other than Play Stations & X-Boxes! Every now and then i pull out my Legos as well...
  16. I hope You all had a great Christmas! Greetings from a surprisingly sunny Berlin!
  17. I' m confused, George, You sold the Micro Seiki again? 🙃 Did I miss something?
  18. I removed the old fabric, i have the new from Crites. I'm thinking to spray the adhesive on the old and then fix the new fabric to it. I also plan to use some black spray-paint to get it dark again.
  19. A bit of work done today, fixed the putty on the back-panels and worked on the grilles. This is what the fabric can look like, once cats have had their way... What to do with the remains of the old glue? Leave it, as base for the new glue, sand it of (might be tough to do...). Who has done this before, input welcome, thanks!
  20. That is the system on the 1218.
  21. Yup, M75 and this one's a Dual 1214, the 1218 is still in pieces and being cleaned. I bought this LP a few others from a fellow member on the Dual Forum, doubles and stuff he didn' t listen to anymore.
  22. My Vinyl Premiere! All provisional still and on the "B" Machine, but it was plug and play, TT being 40+ years old!
  23. Do Your students know about their teacher being a "Cool Teach" listening to his vinyl while doing corrections at home? Thanks for sharing Your impressions! Seems like I into hoarding TTs now.... Got a second Dual today, it was here in Berlin and for 45€ i just couldn't say no. Bummer the DIN/ Cinch adapter I need is taking so long to arrive, so no spinning for me yet.
  24. The following will be an old hat to our carpenter friends, but it´s a new one to an amateur like me. Here´s my results from today's try-out: This is the dent, right in the middle on the front edge... This is what it looked like after. You soak the spot with a few dabs of water and then use a hot-iron on the dent. As i understand it, the water, which entered the wood, evaporates with enough power to force the dented wood outward, lessening the dent. I had to repeat the procedure a few times. Maybe I´ll give another try tomorrow and then sand out the rest. I´m positive, this will take care of that. Here´s the link to the video (German only):
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