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  1. My D.T. collection keeps steadily growing.
  2. @MeloManiac I found the service manual. https://freeservicemanuals.info/en/servicemanuals/viewmanual/Technics/SLDL1/SLDL1K/ Maybe You have use for it.
  3. Did You modify both at the same time or could you A/B them and hear any differences with the mods so far?
  4. Progress: Caulk insides of the Motor Boards, still needs some cleaning. Putty on the magnets. One spot where putty is still a bit too thick, rest done. I didn´t make life easier for myself by applying it too thick in the first place, this stuff is tough! Lesson learned... On the back panels i have to put it on here and there a second time, haven´t mastered the technique of applying it in one go without cavities... Need more sanding paper. Next: Sanding of the naked grill-boards. Sanding of the veneer and trying to get rid of some small dents. I found video that shows how to lessen dents in veneer and if that works i´ll post the link.
  5. I'm not that big of a fan of the CGIs, but i must admit hearing Peter Cullen again gave me some goosebumps.
  6. "Original"? The animated Movie? Or the first of the CGI ones?
  7. You're definitely right Marvel, I wasn't talking about linear trackers in general (Technics anyone? ) 😀
  8. Not worth the hassle, IMO. Get a decent new one, or, if You're into fixing up something, like me, get a good vintage TT of choice and get that going yourself. Much more rewarding than this thing...
  9. One other thing concerning glue... How best to fix/ glue the Klipsch badges back onto the fabric? When i look at the one still attached to its grill, it look like some pressure has been applied, but what glue?
  10. Still trying to find the right 3m spray-cement... I want to use it to fix my new fabric to the grilles. Which one would be best suited, any tips?
  11. They do look similar . 😀 Although I guess the Ford was a four stroke, right?
  12. This week and the next i´m off from work, so i finally can get some things done and my Heresys were number one! While i´m waiting for the K77s to be re-magnetized, i con work on my "new/ old" Dual and get that running again. Ha, well as long as they´re not trying to chew up any cables... They already totaled one extension cord. I didn´t notice until it went "puff" when i plugged it in...
  13. Today i got rid of the velcro on the cabinets, replaced them with magnets. Secured them with a drop of cement, but that´snot really needed since it´s a snug fit. Tomorrow i will putty the magnets over, as well as the staples on the motor- board and the screws for the bracing on the back-panel. And speaking of the motor-board, this will be the time for caulking all the seams on the inside.
  14. Finally started this project: Now there are two gutless Heresy cabinets. This is also a good time to have the K77 magnets re-magnetized. Sitting there on the that black table, one really notices how worn the stain is... Next will be marking and drilling holes for the magnets that will hold the grilles later. I´ve looked up 3m spray glue that i want to use cement the new fabric to the grilles. I´m not sure which variety to choose, can somebody what 3m # would be the right on please?
  15. Used to be on eBay, but now i only found them on this site: https://www.qvendor.top/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=180225
  16. Good luck with Your sale!!
  17. You wouldn't be the first one to own two TTs, George. In the Dual Forum there's lots of posters with several TTs. But then Dual and Your Micro Seiki are in different worlds. But having a spare wouldn't be bad, right? If one needed a service you'd still have the other. No space? Think it a waste of funds? (Sorry if You've written about this somewhere before....)
  18. Welcome to the Forum! I don't think so. Have You tested them yet, do they sound strange?
  19. I finally decided to get a vintage TT. It´s a Dual 1218, it needs a lot of work, looking forward to a new experience. I know CDs are better, technically, still, it will be interesting to compare Albums on LP and CD as i plan to buy some doubles.
  20. Must have been awesome, thanks for sharing! Maybe i'll be able to get my hands on a pair of Forte Is one day. Vintage Klipsch gear is expensive here...
  21. Seems like You guys will have to break new ground here.
  22. I own Heresy Is and RF3s ( which the RP8000 descents from, sort of...). Used to have them in different rooms but have them together in the living room now for some time. I find myself listening to most of my music with the Heresy now, somehow the sound is more "rounded", i can't really put my finger on it. But having a three-way for classic and 70's and 80's music is somehow more fun. Only my Heavy Metal and electronic music seem to belong on the RF3s, and HT of course. i also find it interesting to compare the same recording on both speakers, There's no "better" or "worse", it's just different for me. My two cents.
  23. AndreG.


    "Blues Brothers" Anyone?!? 😁👍
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