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  1. Maybe no stain, just oil and wax, or just one of the two?
  2. I remember seeing pictures of some of the more exotic verneers that got that effect, but can´t remember what wood it was...
  3. I don´t know; does the mid-driver screw onto its horn as with the Heresys?
  4. AndreG.

    What I Got Today!

    Here I go again... Trying to get a pair of KG 2s, I´m in Berlin, seller is in the south, Bavaria and and won´t ship or so says the add... Send a message, wonder what the reply will be? This is the third pair I´m on, 50€...
  5. And I recently observed that an old/ bad gasket can have great influence on the sond. I replaced the gaskets on my Heresys ( They were 40 years old) and clarity and imaging improved markedly. The old ones were still firmly seated and there were no observable gaps, still something changed. Maybe, whoever took that horn apart, did not screw it back together firmly enough and it´s "leaking".
  6. Someone tried to repair? Wait for the Guys owning these speakers too, they´ll know. This was jus a guess on my part...
  7. Is it blocking part of the sound, maybe? Do KLF have gaskets?
  8. Looks like the gasket in the mids of a Heresy, but this one is to big for this horn....
  9. Michael, You wouldn´t happen to have some photos of your work-progress then?
  10. Thanks Randy, i´m save. Ordered new gaskets together with new fabric for my grills. Gaskets alrready replaced.
  11. My old gaskets. Still flexible but they start to break and fray at the edges if you wiggle them a bit.
  12. Very informative (apart from the little misunderstandings 😉) RIP Mr.Crites senior.
  13. You talking about these? KLIPSCH RF-3, RF-3II REBUILD KIT FOR THE KLIPSCH RF-3, RF-3II CROSSOVERS Series 1 (Sonicaps): $225 Series 2 (Dayton): $64
  14. A bit of a sloopy job, for 500 bucks, don´t You think? There´s a guy on German eBay that wants 1200$ for a pair of white painted Heresy Es.... He´ll probably will get his money from someone...
  15. A lot of great Heresy set-ups i see here! This week i changed the gaskets of the mid-horns on mine, quick and easy. Fourty years have gotten the old seals very flat and "semi-flexible"... Everything was tight with the old seals, still, with the new seals imaging seems to have improved. This could be coincidence, since i wiggeled some wires here and there and the cabinets positions have changed a little bit, i guess. Have to listen to more music still. Anyway, i like what i´m hearing.
  16. Did You modify any RF3? Because, as one of my future projects, i thought about doing some real verneer on mine, and while i´m at it, maybe brace the cabinets and take a look at the XOs as well.
  17. Or more dumpsters near churches....
  18. There must be something to the 5s, you hardly see them come up for sale. Most 3s i saw were pretty battered.
  19. Have You listened to the 5s as well? There are supposed to be people that say that the RF3 might even be the better of the two, i wonder though...
  20. Starship Troopers is so violent, i always found that movie very satirical and sarcastic. I´m sure the book is better, most books, turned into movies, are.
  21. Thanks Dave & Marvel! Have put up my reading Heinlein for too long, have "Stranger in a Strange land" and "Starshiptroopers" sitting in my shelf....
  22. Those look great! How can anyone dump these in the trash?!? They were raw birch, right? That means Klipsch left it up to the buyer if they´d be stained, verneered or just oiled or laquered in pure birch. So there is no need to go back to OEM. Any way YOU want them is OEM now. For my part, i like the color of the wood as is now, i would just oil and wax them, or give them several layers of laquer. Awesome find!
  23. Congratulations and welcome to the club! One possible candidate for surrounds: https://2d73e25b29782b6d6766-9c8af5cbfef16739445bc76457060528.ssl.cf2.rackcdn.com/RS35_635042119301210000.pdf These were sold to match Your RF35s , i think. Will You share pictures of the set?
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