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  1. Thanks Wuzzer, that at least gives me some marker.
  2. Today an addition to my vintage-system arrived: A KT-7550. I couldn´t test it, power-switch is stuck in the off-position. Apart from that it´s very clean, both from the outside and inside. I´ll send it to a technician tomorrow. He´ll refurbish it and he will also modify it to make it compatible with DAB+ standard.
  3. https://www.discogs.com/release/24037094-Edguy-Mandrake
  4. https://www.discogs.com/master/36288-Steve-Hackett-Voyage-Of-The-Acolyte Side B, "Star of Sirius" quite distorted on both my TTs. According to comments on Discogs I´m not the only one it seems...
  5. Hello fellow Community-Lifers, I am going to have a K 1005-K woofer out of a KG 4.5 soon, just a single one. It is in perfect working order. Since I didn´t find any for sale on Ebay for reference, what would be a reasonable price to ask for it? Thanks for Your input.
  6. This is the Visaton W 250 S, it´s meant to be used in subs. Hence the missing frequencies, my guess. Specs here: https://www.visaton.de/en/products/drivers/woofers/w-250-s-4-ohm
  7. Concerning the motor-boards, I remembered last night, I still have this structured paint left over from my Heresy project. I´ll putty-over the holes and use that on both cabinets.
  8. AndreG.

    The Other Discs

    https://www.discogs.com/release/12267615-UK-UK One of my favorite albums. Got it on vinyl as well but need a better copy in the future...
  9. Sounding better by the minute! First thing was I had forgotten that I had inverted the plugs of the speaker-cables when I first hooked them up, they sounded strange then. Now that I switched the new woofer for the old Visaton one I noticed that the stereo-image was wrong... As I said, I had forgotten about the cables. Back then I thought I had hooked that cable up the wrong way at my receiver, now I know that the previous owner wired the woofer wrong. That was part of the reason some of the acoustic information got lost... Now everything is as it should be, woofer wired correctly, cable wired correctly at the terminal-cup. Sound is much more coherent now. I will continue to use this combo K 1005-K and new woofer until the new unit has run in. George: As for why he picked the Visaton? My guess is, he just chose the cheapest option with the right diameter. Also, he didn´t know which specs the K 1005-K has, like I didn´t. I was lucky enough to have had a lucky search on Ebay to find my source.
  10. AndreG.

    The Other Discs

  11. Hi Randy. My question is not as obviously answered as You might think. For us here in Europe it´s much harder to get used spares for Kipsches than in the States or Canada. So, while not cheap, my source is a viable way to keep these speakers pumping, but it´s not OEM. Let´s hear Travis´ opinion about that.
  12. Ups, forgot to mention that – I did get a pair, precisely for the reason You stated Peter, thanks! I´ll come back on Your idea with those rings, if I decide that the original veneer is good enough.
  13. Question @Travis In Austin : Can I post the source for the new woofers, or does it violate rules, since they´re not OEM Klipsch?
  14. Opened a new thread to cover my progress on the KG4.5s. Don´t know what the pace will be though.
  15. So I got a pair of KG 4.5s a while back. Turned out I got more than I bargained for... Since I didn´t ask the seller to give pictures of the speakers with the grilles off, I didn´t see that one of the woofers had been replaced. Since I´m from Germany this posed a little problem, finding matching replacements seemed hopeless to me, used spares as well. So in the end I decided to buy aftermarket woofers in the US. The "good one", original K 1005-K woofer. The "bad one", difference is obvious. Apart from the different looks of the woofers, I also got the impression that they sound different, if just a little bit. My guess is the difference in the cross-over frequency. Some of the mids seemed to disappear from this speaker and be heard in the original one. So, yesterday a big box from the States arrived with the new woofers. Time for a swap: The new one on the left looks a lot more "Kipsch-like". Look at those magnets, what a difference... The new woofer almost has double the weight. The motor-board got butchered when the former owner put in the spare, the diameter being bigger than the original... So, at least the motor-boards will have to be re-veneered. I wonder if there are aftermarket "covers" available to make the rim of the new woofers look like the original seen here. So I will try to post pictures of my progress from time to time. Still on my to-do list: – Refurbish the cross-overs. – Refurbish the cabinets. Will try to sand them down first and see how that works out. If I don´t like the results, I will re-veneer them. Right now I´m running in the new woofer and see if I can hear a difference from the non-Klipsch one I replaced. I will keep the original woofer in place for some time.
  16. Sadly... But at least You found a nice place and put it up the way you like it. So in that little regard at least it´s money well spend. As for me, I´m done now. If I want new stuff, I have to get rid of something first. Not that there wouldn´t be "new" gear I like... I never thought I would get this much into vintage though. 🙃
  17. The LP? No. The woofers? – Ouch... I hope I won´t have to buy anymore anytime soon... And that other addition? Wasn´t that expensive and might arrive tomorrow. And who´s the rich guy here? How about it EVO- Man? 😋 😉
  18. https://www.discogs.com/release/24106865-Van-Der-Graaf-Generator-Still-Life
  19. Ah, a belt driven changer. I own a 601. That´s true, 701 cost a fortune these days... Hope to be lucky though, and find an un-refurbished one for small money some day...
  20. A small update. Today a heavy package arrived from the US: Two new woofers for my KG 4.5. As you can see, no originals, but well made copies by the looks of it. Will A/B them with the one original I still have. And fast! I ordered on Monday. At home DHL is not that fast here in Germany... But international they seem to be a lot quicker.
  21. Is that a 721? 621? I´m still looking for a 701...
  22. https://www.discogs.com/release/5345560-Steve-Hackett-Bay-Of-Kings
  23. https://www.discogs.com/release/10510198-The-Alan-Parsons-Project-Stereotomy
  24. https://www.discogs.com/release/5401043-Julie-London-Your-Number-Please
  25. https://www.discogs.com/release/17813422-Wytch-Hazel-II-Sojourn
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