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  1. I've actually thought about that. I'm going to have to find one that has outs for front L/R and Sub because I while my heresy's sound awesome, they sound much better with a sub. Any suggestions?
  2. I have a question. I currently have an Onkyo TX NR646, Klipsch Heresy's front L/R a Klipsch RP500C (center) and Klipsch RP600M's for surrounds and an SVS PC-2000 Sub. I do 80% movies but listen to music when I'm on the treadmill (in the same room) and sometimes just for relaxation. The "all channel stereo" and 2 channel mode sounds good but I wonder would upgrading to a better receiver make that much of a difference for 2 channel music? The onkyo is 100wpc and the Marantz I'm looking at is 125wpc and more importantly has preouts if I wanted to add an amp. I know the prevailing opinion is to have a dedicated 2 channel and a dedicated HT system but how close can one really get to having the cake and eating it too with a HT receiver? I'll probably eventually upgrade and separate the two systems but for now, I will have to go this route. The home theater sounds great with the heresy's by the way..
  3. No, He's out of town but I plan on getting them when he gets back assuming he still has them. He claims everything works so we'll see.
  4. A neighbor has a pair of klf20's he'll see for $300. Good price?
  5. Call me crazy but I'm using the RP500c now and it sounds fine to my ears for movies. For music I listen in stereo with the Sub. I've tried dolby surround for music but the center doesn't mix well in that format.
  6. Thats what I'm thinking but in truth if the RF7II's don't sound any better, why bother? I can have an awesome HT and one that plays music just as well. Either way. If I find a really good deal on RF7II (or III's if I'm really lucky), I'll grab them. . A dedicated music setup with the Heresy's, the SVS Sub and a tube amp with a streamer does sound like a good idea though. Of course, then I'll want the CW's
  7. Thanks,..The bass in my 1st gen isn't really that bad and with the PC2000, it sounds great even for movies. Just didn't know if the RF's were worth the upgrade. Thanks..good to know. I live out in the sticks so not really any place to go listen.
  8. I recently got a pair of Heresy 1's in pretty bad shape. I re-veneered them, put in new diaphragms in the tweeters, replaced a woofer and re-capped with sonicaps. All in all, paired with an SVS PC2000, they sound great! I had RP600m's for the front mains but when I got the heresy's, I put the Heresy's in the front and moved the RP600m's to the rear surrounds. I watch 80% movies and 20% music and right now powered with an Onkyo TX NR646 (100 wpc). I plan on eventuallty buying a marantz or Denon with more juice and MAYBE adding a small amp for the front stage (although it sounds great as-is). My question is to those who have owned both, would you consider the RF7II's and upgrade or remain with the Heresy's? Thanks.
  9. It's definitely worth checking on in the future. Thanks for the heads up.
  10. Seems to be the popular thing lol
  11. Thanks...probably outlast me..
  12. So I bought some sonicaps from Crites the other day and I figured I'd make a short video of the process of swapping them out. I'm sure everyone knows how to do it but you never know who might not..
  13. JT-TX


    The RP500C will have to work for a while since the wife has decided that I've spent too much on "damn speakers" already. It's mainly the dialogue from the center that I'm worried about anyway. I've been a firearms instructor for over 20 years and my hearing is shot. This all started when I saw a show about surround systems and the guy said, "for those with hearing issues, a good center channel is a must". The wife had been complaining that I listen to the TV too loud. A light bulb went off and I popped open amazon and grabbed the RP500C. It has worked wonders. I turned up the center and the wife was happy. Then of course, I had to get some matching mains (RP600M's)....then a good sub...so on, so on...dang rabbit hole. I guess I'll be watching craigslist for better centers..
  14. JT-TX


    I recently purchased a pair of RP600M's, RP500C (center) and an SVS PC2000 for my front stage. I had some left over Def Tech Pro Cinema 800's for surrounds. I'm running them with an Onkyo TX NR646 and it sounds great to my ears. My conundrum is that I recently came across a pair of Heresy HBR's that badly needed fixing. Well, I decided to go the full route with them, replacing caps on the drivers, replacing diaphragms, re-Vaneering the cabs, etc. Now that I'm into them this deep, I want to keep them and make them my front stage. I guess this means either moving the RP600M's to the surround position (getting rid of the Def Techs) or just stacking them in the front with the Heresy's.I LOVE the heresy's sounds for Music but haven't tried them for HT. Has anyone done this before? I guess if I do it, I'll just set them up and run calibration again with them in place?
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