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  1. Here are some more photos of the inside
  2. This is super helpful!! Thanks so much! I will pull the backs off to see how the woofers are marked and report back. I do have risers, but I needed to crop the original photos to meet the file size requirements. Here is a photo of the riser.
  3. For some reason that link isn't working.
  4. Here are some more photos of them. They are is really great shape and sound amazing! Does anyone have the factory spec sheet that they can share on these?
  5. Hi, I'm new to the forum and wanted to date the Cornwalls I purchased a couple months ago to replace my AR-2a's. Please let me know what other information I may need to provide? I'd also like to get the spec information as well if thats available? Thanks for the help! I look forward to learning from this forum!
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