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  1. Used to get some dogs made from venison. Added about 30% beef for some fat and cheddar cheese. They were about 1/4 lb each and delicious. The old man that made them passed and his kids couldn't keep up the quality so the business died too. I have no venison at this time and it's 9 months 'til hunting season here.   :(

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  2. 4 hours ago, the real Duke Spinner said:


    That's 100,000 miles a year .....round here we are lucky to get  5 months in before it snows again


    Where did I say or even imply 100K yearly?


    BTW if all I do is ride to work it's 13K a year. Up until last spring it was twice that. I do ride year 'round. No snow or ice intentionally. The photo of the Aprilia in front of the ice wall is my annual New Year's Day ride in 2015. It was in the 20s w/30 MPH wind gusts.


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  3. 3 hours ago, the real Duke Spinner said:

    Last I knew I had a Yammie RZ 350, SR and TT 500

    AJS 16 M ..Kaw Gpz 1100

    Butt the Owner of the storage died, and there are many problems right now with Theft etc





    My old RZ. I regret selling it but the offer was far beyond what I had any right to ask and I hadn't ridden it in a couple years. Fresh engine top to bottom. Think I spent $200 on OEM fasteners for the rebuild. I had that thing for 20 years and 50K miles....and one landspeed record.




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  4. 11 hours ago, the real Duke Spinner said:

    Incredible miles on 2 wheels. !(

    How many times down on the road or dirt ???   😀

    My '81 FLH has over 300K on the chassis and it's in the middle of a restoration that has taken way too long.. Hell the '20 Road King pictured above has 46K on it.


    No way of knowing. Raced open class MX for almost 50 years. Only once did it require a hospital stay and that was all my fault.


    Still have my race bikes cannot seem to part with them.



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  5. It is heavy but far from a pig. They handle amazingly well for what they are.



    And I own this (180K miles and counting) so I know what a good chassis is.




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  6. 4 hours ago, JohnJ said:

    Got a question, you're at a Stop sign.

    The road bisecting the road you're on is a state highway heading out of town. Don't know the speed limit but vehicles are going 45 to 70+ mph on it all day long.


    Do you look both ways before you turn or cross the hwy? Or possibly look the direction of the closest lane then the other then a quick glance towards the closest lane again?


    Could have taken pics but when a big 3/4 ton 4 door long bed pickup t-bones another and puts it off the road you understand I'm sure. Almost two years here and I still don't know how these xxxxx have lived this long. At least ten of these wrecks, always the same m o.


    All directions closed for three hours. Tow trucks waited an hour or so to get to work. Means only one thing. RIP.

    I ride (for decades) motorcycles. I've been known to look up.

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  7. I bet it's the Clean My Mac app. It sees things you don't use often and pulls them. Check the settings for the app it may be in there. I use Onyx and perform manual cleanings weekly. I don't like apps that do things on their own. I like to initiate the work myself.

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  8. I have a Modi 3+ and it's great. Their quality for the dollar is outstanding.


    Was looking at Vidar,Vidar2 and Aegir. But this can allow me to experiment with a very low investment. I want to see what the Heresy will do with single digit wattage too.

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