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  1. I've no idea how WIndows became the dominant OS. This is typed on a 15 year old iMac with a 7 year old OS that is reliable as a rock. I've never owned anything but Apple since the '80s. OS9 was...uhm....errr...challenging. Yeah that's it challenging.

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  2. I returned to listening on a decent system a few years ago after using a computer for a decade due to living situation. Picked up a rebuilt Fisher 440T receiver and needed speakers. Found a budget pair of Klipsch on sale from Klipsch. Recalled seeing and hearing some many years before. For the price they sounded wonderful.


    That led me on a search for a pair of Heresy. After a couple years found a nice pair of original H1. Then picked up a KG SW sub from a member here. Next will be a pair of La Scala when I get the scratch saved up. I enjoy the clarity and detail they deliver.

  3. 6 hours ago, JMeader said:

    I have 1987 klipsch La Scalla's in a 17 X 17 room with high ceilings and have driven them by


    Crown   XLS 1002

    Two-channel, 350W @ 4Ω Power Amplifier
    and now by a Decware  Zen Torii Jr V2  https://www.decware.com/newsite/TORIIJR.html   20 watts
    Sound out of my La Scalla's is great with both and I think you can enjoy your system with either tube or non tube. The Crown amp never went past 1/4 volume the the Decware less than half
    I think a good quiet Pre amp will make either sound better, I use a Schiit Audio Freya S ( no longer available ) and using a XLR connection between the two is recommended
    Enjoy the Music

    Thanks. I'm just kicking the idea of moving up around.

    On 3/7/2024 at 6:27 PM, CWelsh said:

    I also have an ACA and highly recommend it. I tried a Class D amp and thought it was fine, but I think the ACA is a whole lot better. And, it really doesn't get very hot. After all, it is only pumping out 8 watts maximum, and you're never going to get there with your Klipsch...maybe 1-2 watts. Of course, it is a kit, but I'm sure you can find one already built if you look. Still, if you're happy with your Topping, you can just leave well enough alone.

    Leave well enough alone? Sure that's always an option.  😉

  4. Currently the Modi3+ is used with my WiiM mini/Schiit Saga S/Topping PA3s/H1/KG SW. It sounds great. I had first tried the Topping with the H1 through a Logitech Bluetooth adapter using my phone. Sounded like a 1960s transistor radio. Couldn't stand it and the Topping moved to the bedroom. Got bored awhile ago and brought it out and inserted where the receiver was w/o the Logitech doodad. Viola good clean detailed sounds I enjoyed. Moved the Fisher to the bedroom and left the Topping in the main used (cranked all the way)as a power amp after the Schiit pre.

  5. Saddest part is when all these great designers go software replaces them. And IMHO the results are best case mediocre. Worst case hideous.


    R.I.P. Marcello you will be missed.

  6. 5 minutes ago, pnort said:

    [b]How do you adjust the volume with three amplifiers to get the right balance from the three separate drivers? [/b]

    Will I be able to upgrade a pair of 1972 Khorns?

    Three amps -- plus maybe a subwoofer amp. I don't suppose high quality tube amps and expensive tubes would be cheaper if they only had to cover the narrower spectral range of each driver.


    I suppose there's no end in sight--I ducked going from mono to stereo until 1972. Maybe in my 90s I'll go the triple-amp route.

    I believe that is the DSP's job. But I could be very wrong.

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  7. 37 minutes ago, JohnJ said:


    Think I looked at that dot to your left at one point last fall!


    It was beautiful but they make you pay for the highways... what... four different ways?

    Oops that's WV

    You mean the farm above me on the mountain? His family used to own most of the land around here. He seems unhappy about that.



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