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  1. It's interesting to hear the sound expand in breadth and depth as stylus and cartridge run-in. I guess speaker break-in adds to it as well.


    Tested platter speed new and last night after oh....15 hours I guess. Was 33.7 new and settled to 33.4 so far. Not that I could actually hear a difference yet. Must admit to searching cartridges and styli. :D


    Do want some more records though. Damn they're not $7 US any more.

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  2. 1 hour ago, Ceptorman said:

    That seems high. A quick search shows Senna's 1984 F1 engine with 600hp and 1500cc.

    The '86 BMW M12/13/1 put out over 1400HP in qualifying trim (didn't live long there :D  .) Rules allowed for turbocharging with displacement @ 1.5 liters. NA engines were allowed 3 or 3.5 depending on what year.

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  3. Everything's starting to sound better. I was using the receiver's built in preamp but noticed some records sounded louder than others. So I switched over to the one in the turntable and all is OK. The journey continues.

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  4. @AndreG.We'll see but financial constraints dictated a lower level purchase. Eventually a move up will happen. I'm just pleased to have quality sounds bouncing around the home again. :D


    @arttoThe digital I reffered to is my iMac with CDs ripped to iTunes playing through the onboard speakers. This is a big jump up for me after years of the aforementioned set up.

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  5. Well it's all here. Set up the speakers and receiver and played the radio for a bit. Set up the turntable (forgoing burn in) and spun side 1 of an import Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here. Then dug up the first record I ever bought with my own money (Aerosmith-Toys in the Attic)and it's playing now i the background. Man I missed that sound. Digital stiff is clean but it's cannot compete with analog to me.


    Volume is muted 'cause everything is new to me and well it's late and I've got neighbors. Got to say I'm very pleased with it so far. Maybe tomorrow or Sunday we'll see some volume but the Fisher surprises with quality of reproduction at low volumes. The speakers surprise as well. I was wondering whether I'd need a sub 'cause of the small woofer. So for doesn't appear to be an issue. Wish I didn't have t work tomorrow and could stay up and rummage through the records picking at random but oh well.

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    27 minutes ago, wuzzzer said:

    Did you get them at the $144 each sale price?



    Yes right from Klipsch. Others online either had the full price or out of stock. It was $308.16 w/taxes. Ordered a Fluance RT80 turntable too. Haven't listened to real home audio in a decade plus. Stoked to hear some vinyl on good speakers. Think the first one I spin will be Long Misty Days by Robin Trower.

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  7. Well I ordered a pair of Klipsch RF610f to go with my Fisher 440T. Cannot wait to hear this set up. The receiver has upgraded with new caps and power transformers from a Fisher 500 upping power a bit to 28WPC @ 8ohms.



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  8. 38 minutes ago, Islander said:


    Women like that must think us guys are a bunch of morons.  You can imagine one of these women explaining to a newcomer how it works.


    "It's simple.  Just flash 'em a bit of cleavage and they go stupid.  Seriously!  And if you can ride a bike?  'Watch me get on and rev the engine!  And I'm a girl!  Amazing, right?'  And if you can do stunts on your bike, well, they lose it!  They'd be happy to be your slaves.  'Could you please paint my house, you big, strong, handsome man?'  'You have a house?  Wow!  Of course I'll paint it!  Would you like me to clean out your roof gutters, too?'  


    Like that, you know.  And the makeup.  Always the big eyes.  Your makeup case is your money case.  Pay attention!  This is how us pretty girls succeed in the world."


    That's not really how you see it is it?

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