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  1. Well, I spent $1300 for the Peachtree Nova 150 + $550 for the Bluesound Node 2i. That's where I'm at right now. I definitely care about Reliability. So, I'm willing to pay for something that I really like that is gonna last.
  2. So, I've upgraded from a Denon DRA-25 to a Peachtree Nova 150 + a Bluesound Node 2i. I've been checkin it out for about a year and a half. The Denon still works fine but it's 30 years old. When I listen to bass heavy rock music like Motley Crue with pounding bass drums - the Denon still thumps it out on the passive radiators on the backside of my Vintage Klipsch Kg2's. But the Peachtree Nova 150 just barely makes those radiators move with that bass thump. I'd like to sell my Peachtree and consider an upgrade for my amp. Would really appreciate any recommendations I could get. Thanks!
  3. Hoping to get some feedback / recommendations for the best Klipsch soundbar to go with between the Cinema 600 vs the Bar 48? Anyone tried these that can give some thoughts and impressions between the two? They both cost $499 each. I'm not really sold on "wireless" vs hardwired. And front firing would be better for the sub. But, unfortunately, the soundbars all come with down firing subs. Plus, I live in an upstairs apartment with a woman in her 60's below me. Her living room is right below mine. So, I'm not sure if a soundbar is gonna be the best option for my living situation or maybe another set-up such as either satellites or bookshelf speakers with a front firing sub. What do you guys think?
  4. Thanks, ssh! Where can I find the best price on the PM6007?
  5. Thank you, ILI_MeloManiac! I appreciate your help!! Where can I get the best price on the amps you mentioned? I’m definitely after sound quality but I don’t need more than 96 kHz / 24 bit (this is what you get for $20 a month streaming from TIDAL). 44.1 kHz /16 bit is what I’ve been listening to from TIDAL HiFi for $9.99 a month on my iMac with an Audioquest Dragonfly Black + Jitterbug connected to Klipsch Pro Media computer speakers. And I’ve been streaming TIDAL through my Denon and Klipsch KG2’s (even though the Denon has issues with the right channel + distortion + the loudness knob is busted off) via Chromecast Audio.
  6. I’m willing to spend about $1000 but I just want to make sure it’s well spent. I’m not saying I want to spend $1000 if I don’t have to. But I don’t really want to spend more than $1000.
  7. My Denon amp is old and has a problem with the right channel + distortion sometimes ( probably not worth fixing). Plus, the loudness knob is busted off. So, I'm ready to replace it with a Marantz but I need some help choosing as far as the model that would pair best with my Klipsch KG2's.
  8. I've checked accessories for less this evening for Marantz. I'm hoping for some help from you guys in choosing.
  9. Thanks, wuzzer. Have you used HEOS before? If so, how does it compare to Chromecast Audio?
  10. Hey, billybob! As I had mentioned in my post. I'd like to buy either a new or used integrated Marantz that will pair well with my Klipsch KG2's. My primary choice of listening to music is streaming via TIDAL. I'd also like some feedback on HEOS vs Chromecast Audio. I'm only trying to stream CD quality audio.
  11. Hello, After posting my first thread for advice / recommendations for an integrated amp to pair with my Klipsch KG2's I have decided on Marantz. However, I could really use some advice / recommendations for which Marantz would pair best with my Klipsch KG2's. My preferred way of listening to music is via TIDAL. I have currently been using a Chromecast Audio to stream to my Denon DRA-25. But I am very curious to hear how HEOS compares to using a Chromecast Audio. I'm not interested in getting higher than CD quality streaming via TIDAL. All feedback greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. I hope it's ok to ask you guys for help with the selection of a new or used Marantz integrated amp. The photo I've attached is of my speakers. At this point, I'm not interested in buying more speakers. I'd really like to just use the set I have with a Marantz. This photo is the backside passive radiator on the left and the front with the grill off on the right. They are 65 watts RMS at 4 ohms. I'm just looking for a 2 channel integrated amp by Marantz. However, I've never owned one before and the only store in my area (Lafayette, IN) is Best Buy (they do not carry Marantz).
  12. So, I think I've decided on MARANTZ. Is there anyone who would recommend a Marantz integrated amp that would pair well with my speakers? I would greatly appreciate it. Keep in mind that my preferred way of listening to music is primarily via TIDAL. I'd also like some feedback on using HEOS vs Chromecast Audio. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to my thread. I greatly appreciate it!
  13. If you read my post - both WD-40 Contact Cleaner and Deoxit were used on the Denon. Neither fixed the problem. I'm not a fan of Onkyo or Integra. I'd be interested in Marantz, Yamaha, or Peachtree. Since for the first time ever I'm hearing negative feedback about Denon. I've also heard that the same people who make Denon also make Marantz. My focus right now is replacing my Denon and using my current Klipsch speakers. By the way, what is it about Denon that makes you all on these forums anti-Denon anyway?
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