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  1. This is the fundamental + harmonic distorsion of the R-41M. Does it look good? How much could the R-51M best that? Do you know where I can find a similar measurement for the KL-650-THX?
  2. I looked into the specifications sheet of the powered model R-51PM and it says the following: MAX OUTPUT 107.3 dB TOTAL SYSTEM POWER 120W Total System Power (140W Peak) 60W per channel cont. @ <%1 THD Considering that the R-51M are rated at 85 W of continuous power, what kind of performance should I expect at 12.5 V input?
  3. I forgot to mention that I set speaker distance manually in my AVR (with active sub channel, but nothing connected, because I hate low frequencies and also because it's the only way to apply crossover to all 3 front speakers). Could that lead to unnatural phase response for the speakers, since adjusting the distances in the AVR changes the phase of each channel? I ask that because, if phase is frequency dependent for speakers, wouldn't changing the phase in the AVR (by setting distance) cause phase issues depending on type of sounds in the soundtrack? Do cinemas adjust speakers phase too?
  4. With the movies I tested so far at reference (Ad Astra, Tenet and Annihilation), the unpleasant resonances I hear come mostly with nasal sillables from both female and male voices and with music passages through midhigh octaves (so, above 1K). Considering that the R-51M stand along the front border of a MDF desk in an untreated room, do you think those factors could be more influencial than high voltage transients?
  5. Thanks to all of you for your inputs. According to my math, from 2.83 to 12.35 V there should be a 12.8 dB gain, no? Considering that I get 85 dBC per speaker with Dolby's noise at 1 meter with my RX-V381 set to -9.5 and that full scale sine wave at 2.83 V stands at -22.3, what are the chances that the R-51M is already going into power compression at 0 dBFS?
  6. Hello. Does anyone know what is the percentage of THD at Klipsch's rated continuous power for their speakers? Personally, I've got three R-51M that I'm running as front channels for movies. With a voltage output at 0 dBFS RMS as 12.35 Vrms per speaker, what amount of distorsion might there be? Thank you.
  7. Would it be dangerous if I connected the amplifier's left channel + and - at the top posts of a single loudspeaker and the right channel + and - at the lower posts of the same speaker while keeping the dual posts bridged?
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