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  1. I have an opportunity to purchase a classic C11 in near mint condition and recently serviced by a licensed McIntosh service provider. I have a MC225 amplifier that I would like to pair with a vintage tube preamp, and that is where the C11 comes in. Just looking for anyone who has an educated opinion about this preamplifier and my KHorns or similar Heritage series speakers. The asking price is significant, but I know it is a fair market price. Any advice or opinions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I have a chance to purchase a McIntosh C11 Preamp to pair with my MC225 Amplifier and my 2015 Khorns. Anybody listen to a C11 on Heritage Series speakers? I currently run a C32 Solid State preamplifier, and I would like to move to a vintage McIntosh tube preamplifier. Any recommendations?
  3. Thanks for all of the input! That Gatorboard set up looks incredible!
  4. I just purchased 2015 Klipschorn AK5s, but my listening room has partial corners (one side wall ends with an entryway to another room, and the other ends with a floor to ceiling window). I would like to rig up two "reflector panels" that are 4 foot long to "act" as the sidewalls. Both sidewalls are currently 2 feet, but my plan is to screw a panel into the sidewall corner studs to create 4 foot sidewalls to better accommodate the speakers. I can only extend the panel 4 feet before it would interfere with my patio door opening on the right side. My questions are: 1. Would this idea work? 2. What material should I use (MDF/plywood)? 3. How could I make this look presentable (finishing the panels) I would like to keep this as simple as possible, and my wife is against any lasting modifications to the room. I figured a few screw holes in the drywall could be patched up and repainted. I am unsure if this panel idea would make a discernible difference, but I would like to try a simple and cheap approach to find out. Thanks for any information or opinion shared!
  5. I recently purchased a used pair of K-horns, and I am unsure about which speaker is the "left", and which is the "right". They are a sequentially numbered pair, and I can read the label indicating which top goes with each of the bases, but does it matter which one is "right" channel, and which one is "left"? Thanks for any feedback from those in the know. I am still in awe with my purchase.
  6. Local set has come up for sale, but I do not know what to offer. I am willing to pay a fair price, but I also need to be able to recoup my money if they are not "all that I thought they would be". I currently possess a pair of Cornwall 2s, but I am thinking of pulling the trigger on the K-horns. Thanks for any info!
  7. I am currently running a McIntosh separates system (MC225 tube amp, MR-78 Tuner, C32 Preamp) with my Klipsch Cornwall IIs, and I currently have a Klipsch R-120SW subwoofer that is simply not doing it for me. I am primarily playing 2-channel analog music through this system, but I do listen to CDs from time to time. I am looking for a "MUSICAL" sub to provide low end punch without to much "boominess" or distortion. I would like something that would be easy to "blend" in with the Cornwalls, and my budget is around $1000. Any suggestions from those who may have experience with the Cornwalls and subwoofers?
  8. I have an opportunity to purchase a Citation 12 that has been professionally serviced for $350. I currently have Heresy II speakers that I am pushing with a McIntosh MC2505 power amplifier, but I would like to add another set of Heritage series speakers to my system. I am using a McIntosh C32 Preamplifier, and I am curious about thoughts on adding a Harmon Kardon Citation 12 to push an additional set of speakers. It just seems like a solid unit to test out for the little money that I would have into it. Thoughts?
  9. The MC2505 turned out to be an excellent choice for my Heresy IIs! When compared to the Marantz 2245, the MC2505 brings a bit more to the low end, for it pushes the woofers a bit more than the Marantz did. I know that this is the MC2505 at work because I am still using the Marantz 2245 as a preamp while my C32 Preamp is getting its tone controls cleaned up. Love the McIntosh look, and the sound is fantastic!
  10. The amplifier and preamp have both been professionally serviced within the last two years. I do, however, have a local guy who is going to inspect them both.
  11. Thanks for the responses! I am heading out today to pick up the amplifier. I am currently driving the Heresy speakers with a Marantz 2245, and they sound great, but I am looking forward to hearing them sing with the McIntosh units!
  12. Looking into purchasing an MC2505 amplifier to pair with a C32 Preamp that I just purchased. A few questions for those "in the know". 1. Is this a good amplifier to drive the Heresy 2s? 2. My Heresy 2s are marked 4ohm on the terminals. Would I select 4 ohm on the 2505 amplifier? Any opinions are welcome, for I am just getting into McIntosh, Klipsch, and audiophile quality equipment.
  13. Just purchased these speakers for $1000. They look and sound absolutely gorgeous. The previous owner provided the original receipt of purchase and the advertising literature that came with the speakers in 1986. The Stereotech 1200 receiver makes them sing. Thanks for the advice and perspective. I am now a first-time owner of Heresy IIs! The speakers actually do state "4 ohm" right on the back. I have read a few different opinions on this. Are they technically the same as the ones marked "8 ohm"? Just curious.
  14. They are oak. Both labels are still on the back, and he has all original paperwork (receipt and literature).
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