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  1. Ohh.. I see, coulnd't tell that the terminals were in the lower corners.. Can you rotate the backs 180 deg? Possibly cut new backs? You're going to be super happy with your Super Hersey's!
  2. Hi Karl! Curious why you don't have room in the lower corners for the ports? Unless something else has been modified, you should have plenty of room.. Acoustically, I'm not qualified to know if there will be a difference in sonic results by putting it in the center of your speaker back.
  3. Claude, Thank you for the response.. Finished up the full upgrade a week ago before seeing your post! Followed your specs to a T, although I did use the eminance delta speaker vs sourcing a Klipsch.. (cheapskate I know).. Much improved mids and lows, and very happy with the changes. Question about your comment above.. Had I upgraded caps to original values, and left autoformer connections in the stock config, would that have, in theory, yielded more low/mid range response? The bass is good, I wouldn't say too much though, and def depends on what I'm playing.. Thanks again! John
  4. Beautiful Hersey's.. Can you elaborate a little bit on what you did to finish the cabinets? Looks fantastic!
  5. Good morning all.. First time poster, long time reader.. Wanted to introduce myself! I started a journey in the 'audio' realm a year ago when a good friend/audiophile buddy talked me into building a proper headphone amp, and pairing it with a a DAC and a good set of phones.. I built my headphone amp at his rec with the option of being able to use it as a preamp in case I decided to build a power amp at some point.. (this is a slippery slope, as I'm learning). A year later I'm thinking "man, I'd like to get some speakers and build a power amp".. So he and I chat a bit and I'm considering buying a new set of lower end Klipsch speaks. He said "no way would I buy those.. get yourself a pair of Hersey's.. old school.. same price.. no brainer".. My craigslist search begins.. I found a pair of Hersey I's about an hour from me that were advertised as in good condition.. I went and looked at them and although I didn't know what I was looking at, they looked pretty nice! lol.. Bought them (guy wouldn't negotiate and had a line of folks to buy them) for $650.00. I spent the next few months gathering parts and finished building a Nelson Pass/First Watt/Pass Labs "Aleph J" power amp. My speaks are unmodified, unmolested with original oil can caps. They sound pretty good to my ears with the AJ, but I have to listen to them in a smaller room and I can def tell that they are lacking a bit on the low end.. clarity is outstanding however.. I think that this mod is just what I need to get the best out of my system, and I'm looking forward to getting it going. Ordered the Delta Eminance Pro 12A's/port/egg crate yesterday. The caps are backordered so I substituted these instead: https://www.parts-express.com/Dayton-Audio-PMPC-2.0-2.0uF-250V-Precision-Audio-Capacitor-027-214 Anyone have any experience or thoughts on these? Anyway, looking forward to getting this project started.. Thank you in advance to all of you guys for the hard work you've done to sort all of this out and take an amazing set of speakers and make them even better! Cheers! John
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