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  1. Im currently running this set-up. Just curious to know what other people's take on the sound is. Im finding HT to be outstanding but music lacks in some hig freq detail - which is generally uncharacteristic of a klipsch speaker. im begining to think the 7250 is at fault. thoughts?
  2. I recently deiscovered a slight dent in the lower woofer of my RF3-II. I havent noticed much difference in sound altough I havent really pushed it yet. Any reccomendations on the easiest way to replace this? Ideally Id like to order the part and do it myself if possible. The idea of taking it back to tweeter and losing them for 2 weeks isnt a great thought. Any help would be great. Josh
  3. Im currently running A B&K ref30/7250 combo with my RF3 II's. The home theater sound is way better than i ever imagined. But for some reason music sounds kind of hollow and muddy. Im pretty sure it's the amp because i ran the B&K pre with a yamaha amp before getting the 7250 and the sound was better for music. So....any suggestions on what amps work best with these speakers? I know someone does. Thanks
  4. If there's anything to worry about, i would imaginge it's that your not pumping much wattage to these things. thus the louder you try and crank it the more potential there is for distortion and blowing. I have a 200watt per chanel B&K AMP matched to RF3II's. I had a DVD cranked last weekend to +6 decibles. let me assure you that it was really damn loud. The RF3's cranked right along. Man....it was so loud and full sounding it felt like i was there. the other 20 people who were cramed in my living room felt the same way. So if you wanna crank tunes loud, i recomend more power. have fun!
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