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  1. Thanks folks! I was just paging thru the October 1957 issue of Audio (as one does haha), and I was shocked (!) shocked I say. I should have searched, but I reacted. Thanks for the links, and I'll pause to search next time! I must say though, now that I've dug around on here a bit I've realized that virtually the last bastion of information on the Catenoid, is the Klipsch community, and I find that slightly ironic, and a bit satisfying at the same time 🙂
  2. Thanks Claude! I'm glad I used that as an example, as it's one that often comes up. At the moment, I'm thinking in encyclopedic terms. There are a few drivers I've needed to look up, and I find that still, some are tougher than others to nail down details.
  3. Curious if anyone may know of an online resource listing klipsch specs by driver? For example, something that would help see the differences betwen similar drivers like: K-55-V, K-55-M, K-55-X. Surely someone has taken a swing at it, right?
  4. Oh, these surrounds just crumble. we picked them up in an auction, and it looks like everything had been stored for quite a while. A little odd that the k-8 "woofers" in the front have healthy looking surrounds, but I don't wanna jinx it. Thanks for not teasing me for spending time on such an "underrated" speaker! I know they top out around $450 these days. I'm sure I'll have spent more than that once all is said and done.
  5. I'm just starting out on a pair of KG4 – I'm pretty excited – they're the spittin' image of the first pair of speakers I ever owned, way back when. I was able to score an early walnut pair in pretty decent shape. Really the only mandatory on these is replacing the butyl rubber surround on the rear passives. I see a lot of kits out there for the KD-121 (from the KG5.2) but that's a substantially different driver, I believe. Sure is visually. Does anyone have any light they could shed? I'm specifically looking for a butyl rubber surround kit that will work perfectly with the KD-12 passive radiator. Other plans I have for this (re)build are: Crites titanium tweeters (on the way) rebuilt crossovers (leaning crites) dampen, brace, and seal the cabinets remove the risers, and building custom stands to get them up a bit higher. Flush the bezel to the driver board Full wrap in teak veneer (incl front and back) Custom grills on magnetic standoffs (magnets countersunk under veneer) But having all the drivers right and tight is step one, so I'd appreciate any of your thoughts on that 12" surround! Thanks in advance! Tony
  6. I still looked. No whizzer cone on either EV15W 🙂 Uh, @JRH how on _earth_ were you able to respond with such detail? I'm beside myself. Thank you!!!
  7. Hi, we've picked up a pair of shorthorns! Boy, there sure isn't too much info on these. They sure are interesting. Really tough to move with all of the fascia pieces on (nowhere to grab!). They sound pretty good, considering they haven't been recapped – just a little muddier than an uncapped Cornwall I on the same system. I was able to find a price list from '57, but this only included Mahogany and Prima Vera woods. These have the EV15W woofer, which has a Klipsch inspection tag which seems to indicate June '59. The mid is a K-55-V, with a K77 up top. Is there a way to determine approximate build date from serial (or other)? Any ideas when walnut was introduced? It would be very cool to get a sense of production numbers on the S-xx-15 as well as the walnut specifically. Would anyone know? It would also be cool if anyone happened to have a price list from '59!
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