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  1. 16 ohm and remove the L pad from the xover Lpad = -12db
  2. wonder why they are using 16 woofers ? ps thanks i may have to use just one tweeter I may try 16 ohm just for fun the crossover lines up with 16 at 1100 hz. so
  3. i am building a RC84 from 4 RS7 speakers Four 8" and two Tweeters BUT i need to know the impedance of the stock tweeter in the RC64iii because i would like to use the RC64iii crossover . the woofers in the RC64iii are 16ohm wired down to 8ohm per 12db per low pass <it has two ,but the crossover calculator lines up to a 16 ohm tweeter @ 1100 hz anybody know the impedance or the DCR of the tweeter ??
  4. jjptkd when you use a crossover it raises the impedance after the cross over point so when the woofer and tweeter are wired in parallel they are passively separated so 4 ohm ! IE 6x9 4ohm twoway speaker is not two 8 ohm speaker its two 4ohm with a crossover Deang plus lowest impedance of the woofer is not filtered so 4 ohm will be the impedance the amp sees inductors only add .06 ohm
  5. i have four RS7 surround THX Klipsch speakers anybody need one ?
  6. i measure my RS 7 woofer and i get 3,8 ohms how can that be 8ohm the tweeters check at 9ohms together they measure 4.5ohm once again how can that be 8ohm ????
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