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  1. Hi Roy, I have 2 questions about the Klipsch Forte IVs. I have a pair and am quite pleased with the sound, but I'm always on the look out for ways to improve the sound (part of this hobby!). One youtube audio channel I follow, the Boston Audiophile, has a video of the moderator modifying the horns of his Cornwalls with Dynamat to dampen the resonance. Looks like an easy mod, and Boston Audiophile says it improved the focus and quality of the sound he was able to get from his speakers. My question for you is, why aren't Klipsch horns dampened in this way from the factory since it appears to be an easy, low-cost addition, and would you recommend this modification? Second question. I read on another forum that the speaker binding plates for Klipsch Forte IV's are connected to the driver leads with a simple steel connector. Is this true? Would seem to be limiting the performance of these speakers, and again, not too difficult to fix. Thanks for your help, Josh
  2. Thanks Onepocket and Fido for your feedback. Still early days here for me with the Klipsch Fortes but I think the REL sub is worth keeping in the mix. It's subtle but does add a bit of depth and punch to the bass.
  3. Hi fellow Klipsch nerds, I'm new to Klipsch speakers - just picked up a pair of Klipsch Forte IVs that I'm really enjoying. Came across this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X12FkoQHcTg&t=1s) from the Boston Audiophile on how to dampen Klipsch horns for "better" sound. Seems quite easy and inexpensive to do. Have others experimented with this? Any advice? Would reducing resonance actually make for a less exciting listen? Wondering why Klipsch wouldn't have dampened the horns in the factory if it clearly improved the sound for most listeners... Thanks for your advice and sharing any experiences, Josh
  4. Wondering if any Forum members have any experience and recommendations with pairing a subwoofer with the Fortes? I just purchased a pair of Forte IVs and I have a REL s510 subwoofer. Not sure if it's really worth keeping in the mix. The s510 has an active 10" driver and a 12" passive driver, and is driven by a 500 watt amp. Maybe as I'm driving the Fortes using a low watt SET amp, the sub will add some punch?? What are Forum users experiences?
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