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  1. Braun L510 bookshelf speakers. Bought them used in 1980 for $200 candian. Still have them in my kitchen (had to replace woofers - foam rotted).

    First Klipsch product was a pair of Cornwall II in VG condition for $750CDN 5 years ago. I have never looked back.

    I now have 3 corwalls for HT fronts, 2 pairs of Heresy II, a single Heresy I, 3 KG-1.5, and a pair of KG-2.2 (or 2.5)


  2. My first "system" was a Sears unit with the BSR turntable, reciever with built-in 8-track record deck, and 4 speakers. I had just started my first summer job and did not have the patience to save money and buy a better system. Had to have something right away. I sold it to my sister 6 months later for less than half of what I paid and upgraded to a small Pioneer system then added a cassette deck (Akai)

  3. Definely use wood screws. I have 1 bass shaker under each of my Lazyboy recliners mounted on a piece of plywood that is then screwed to the bottom frame of the chair.

    I am using the sub-out of my HK AVR120 to feed into a spare Denon intergrated amp. This allows me to control the bass shakers independently from the rest of the system, and to be able to turn them off completely when not required.

    Anybody who has ever sat in those chairs during the rescue scene on the Matrix has been very impressed.


  4. Hello,

    I recently aquired a pair of RF-3IIs and now have the option of bi-wiring. I am using a HK 3370 receiver that supports 2 pairs of speakers. Can I run speakers A to feed the upper range and B to feed the woofers? Can I expect to hear any difference? Is this even advisable?

    Any help or comments are appreciated.



  5. Another option is a CD recroder unit (similar to cassette deck) such as the Pioneer PDR-609(?). It has digital inputs as well as analog. I have converted a few albums with great sucess. The blank CDs are a little more expensive (for consumer use).

    Might be worth looking at.


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