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  1. Bernd, Thanks a lot, unfortunately it did not have my subs on the list. Back to the search for T/S parameters... Anyone else got any suggestions?
  2. Thanks guys, but one problem, the two drivers I have are around 1992 era and I can't dig up any info on the net about them. Thus no numbers for a box. Anyone know a good place to find older speaker parameters?
  3. I can't find my trusty ole speaker building book, but I was wondering if anyone knew what the measurements that you need from a sub if you were going to build a box for it? Then, I wonder, how do you measure things like (I'm guessing here) coil diameter or spider diameter...etc without becoming a "cone surgeon" RF3-II RC3-II RS3-II Denon AVR 2802 Sub-DIY in progress
  4. Noz, nice set up, the 7 series looked like the 3's until I really looked close and then could tell how fat the fronts are compared to the 3's cones. Well I do have a set of 12" subs that used to be in the SUV but now reside (ugly) beside my Klipsch. Thinking about splitting them apart and building seperate boxes for them...just one problem. No specs on the speaker to build the box. Shoe, I have heard both the 10 and 12 in the Reference subs, but it is just a huge chunk of change for a sub, especially when it is rumored that the SVS can hit lower for a lesser price with an amp included. I dunno, I think I may just figure out how to measure my subs and build a box for them...my wife isn't to fond of an industrial grade grey carpeted car sub box (approx. 16"x16"x40")hanging out in the corner of the living room.
  5. Velodyne huh? I am a fairly new to the world of home subs...so what is your stance on Velo's verses SVS's. Decisions decisions...
  6. with the RC3-II as your rear center (and currently RC-7) do you have it pointed down at an angle towards the listening position? I am assuming a 5-7' wall mount-let me know how you have your rear center mounted and an estimate of the distance between your rear surrounds also (if you don't mind sharing) Thanks
  7. In english - Anyone with a set up of RF3-II's, RS3-II's, and RC3-II's being pushed by a 6 channel amp...what did you use for a rear center channel speaker? A single RS3-II to match? or is it too "wide" for a rear center and undiscernable from the L/R surrounds? A RC3-II? big black nasty box to mount and aim? I am interested in hearing how either of these as a rear center sounds from people that have it hooked up. Thanks for your help guys.
  8. everett, thanks for advice on the bulb, i am trying to fit a screen in a room with a fire place in the middle of the wall where the screen should be...thus causing problems with tv size and placement. so now i have built a dolly with casters that i am able to move the tv in the center listening position when sound positioning is important. a projector is ideal, but i hate not having a dedicated tv in the room just for regular watching... as far as the projector hardware (not bulb) what are the life expectancies on them?
  9. another question, what about using a projector as a dedicated device...or do most keep the ole' stand-in tv on a cart nearby?
  10. good point boa, right now the position would be almost directly overhead in a 18x15 room. with the spread being about 14 ft, i am not sure if another rs would be right or if i could discern a direction with 3 rs' over me. on the other hand, i would need a nasty tilt on the rc to get the direction i need. i just hate having an un-used channel. i guess something to look forward to in a bigger house.
  11. no sub yet, I am experimenting with a DIY project with some old car subs that I have had for a while. Alone, the system sounds a-freakin-mazing. I am still getting chills when I watch movies with it. Thanks for the small/big issue, it does force set the fronts to large if I take off the sub. I just need to decide whether to buy a sub (svs/rsw) or get to building...need more hours in the day
  12. If you have a Denon amp and the following- RF3-II RC3-II RS3-II (Denon AVR-2802) When setting the speaker config...are these Klipsch considered big speakers of small speakers? Thanks for the input.
  13. it's called a "gold metal coupling strap" and yes it is for bi-wiring your speakers...in a nutshell it is supposed to improve clarity and detail in the sound...everyone has their opinion on if it sounds better, just hook them up both ways and see which sounds best to you.
  14. I have the Denon 2802 also and was thinking of buying a single RS3-II for the back center....mainly because I can get it in white and it will match the surrounds...so does the rear center put out sound like the front center?? I was just wondering if it would sound diff. with a "center" speaker vs. a RS3-II. thanks RF3-II RC3-II RS3-II Denon AVR 2802 Sub-still looking
  15. I am on my second week of owning the same set of speakers paired with a Denon AVR 2802. I still get chills when I watch movies... As far a cables go, I posted the same question...not wanting to dirty up these fine speakers. Well I finally went with a 14 gauge copper strand wire. Nothing fancy at 22 cents per ft. As long as your wire runs do not parallel your power cords or other power cables in your room, I didn't see the need to go with a shielded cable. Most posters said the same and agreed that as long as you didn't choke the signal in a thin wire (especially long runs) that plain 14 ga. cable works fine. Let me tell you, I still have't found the limit of these speakers w/my cables. I would at least try out plain wire first, I bought enough to biwire the set (about 145 feet) and it only set me back like 35 bucks at Home Depot. You can easily spent 10 times that on just a center channel wire w/all the bells and whistles. I am still searching for a sub, everyone raves at the SVS and the RSW's...I just want something that will make me feed from a tube after watching movies . Hope this helps.
  16. Nice, just too bad nobody near me has signed up for a demo. Thanks for the site. Oh well, gonna have to get out the tools and get to building. I'll post some pics if it is worth seeing...if not, probably eat the s/h and test drive a svs.
  17. Good point, I have been reading up on SVS Ultra's vs. the reference series subs. I think I may try out the measuring myself and see if I can't build something that will work. The only missing piece is the equipment to measure the box's freq range...any suggs? If the box is too far lacking, I may start seriously looking for a store bought sub. It is interesting to read all the threads on SVS Ultra's versus RSW's. I think between either one, I can't go wrong...I just wish I could hear an SVS in a showroom like the RSW before making the decision. Know of any places or are they all online sellers?
  18. the amp that I am using is a Luxman ? not sure of the power rating (older too) it is just a "block amp" and the subs are 4 ohm MTX competition series...cant find the model # but I am sure it is on the back of the magnet, just haven't pulled them out of their box. The amp will handle those fine but will break if forced to drive any other speakers...so it is perfect for the job of driving the subs. I was amazed at the sound of the RSW 12 and wonder if I can get the same out of a DIY box w/the MTX. I can't discern the difference between quality of bass, all it is to me is either boomy or not, and loud or quiet. So am I right in assuming that w/o the right specs, the box I may build would lack certain freq ranges and drop off sooner than desired??? Thanks guys.
  19. Here lies the problem, they are older drivers that were used in car audio back in the day...and I can't find the specs on them to match the cabinet. I hooked them up in the enclosure that rode in the trunk of my car for years and they sounded good if cut at 80, anything higher and it was boomy and I begin to lose pictures on my mantle. My thought was play safe w/a sealed box and let it ride, but I hate to dirty up the superior sound of the reference series. I just don't want to toss a lot of money at a mid-level sub when I know the inevitable RSW12 is on the way some day.
  20. Just got the RF3, RC3, RS3 II system up and running and it sounds...ohhh . I however want more LFE to my movies and have two 12 sub drivers laying around that I am thinking about producing a DIY project (while the old wallet gets a breather). So here are my 2 q's: I am probably going sealed, what would a passive radiator do for me if I built two boxes w/driver and radiator in each vs. one box with two drivers or two boxes with just one driver in each? What is the deal on buying used theatre subs? Anyway thanks for the help and once the wallet catches its breath, I will probably knock it out again with the RSW 12
  21. Just got the complete RF3 II package minus the sub. It is mainly for home theatre use. I currently have 14 gauge copper strand cable (biwired) on the system. All pushed by a Denon 2802. Am I losing anything by not going to shielded wire or other "advanced" cable? RF3II pair RC3II RS3II pair Denon 2802 Thanks for the comments
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