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  1. Virginia Tech Virginia Tech Virginia Tech Virginia Tech but I am partial just a little (ME)
  2. mozilla firefox version 1.0.2 hope that helps you hack into my computer...as a, uh, precaution, uh, i have placed filthy pornography on it to ward off potential hacks...yeah, as a precaution...
  3. ---------------- In Some Point in Time, Tom Blasing wrote: Remember that episode of Gilligan's Island where the naval mine washed up on shore and they tried to defuse it with a brass wrench? ---------------- he he he, and gilligan's watch was attracted to the mine and pulled him over to it!!! whew, that was a blast from the past, thanks! (note to self...may need to reconsider location of the jackhammer in my '77 cadillac as the magnet may distort my 28 CRT color tv screens mounted in the back...hmmm not to mention the disco ball)
  4. i am not sure how a car would handle 320+ pounds (not to mention an enclosure, that would be another story) probably would handle the curves really well, unless you get 2, then it's 740+ pounds... would be good to add to those undrivable cars with plexiglass windshields 4in thick. i would be hesitant to be overly impressed by this driver until i saw some test results/responses. just looks like a big concert sub in a 200lb metal frame that wasn't designed very well for weight reduction. i mean really, 320lbs? someone hire a material science engineer please. still kinda funny, 23 inches tall? 320lbs? not so sure this one will sell too hot to car nuts.
  5. this may not be an option if you have "touchy kids" but you could just remove the grills. just a suggestion, mune are both declawed and the only hassle i have with them is the coating of the botton 10 inches or so with cat hairs. a second suggestion could be to put some double side tape (or loop tape so it is sticky on both sides) all over the botton of the grills, if the cats touch it, the tape gets on their feet (which mine absolutly hate) and keep that up for a couple of weeks to break the habit. hmmm, just thought of this while typing, you could use a lot of heavy spray starch on the lower grill that doesn't cover up a woofer and make that scratch zone really hard and stiff. not sure if that would work, seems like it would rinse out if it didn't...try on small hidden area first (or scrap cloth/material)?
  6. michael, at first i thought your first post read: "Has anyone here farted around a transmission line of a subwoofer" that made me initially think the sub-interconnect could pick up on "bowel interference" after i re-read it.....el-pipe-o i love the name...ha, thanks for the link, an interesting read. as a svs guy, the idea of a tube that big get me all sweaty.
  7. wow, i still have the head to head f-ball game. i remember clicking those stiff buttons and moving the little red hyphens around on the "field" i faintly remember the merlin...kids these days don't now how good they have it, back in my day...... thanks for the flashback
  8. yep, this one sounds strange. the description of the auction contradicts itself and something has to be said about slaughtering the english language in an aution. imo, you flirt with danger when you buy from auctions that say things like "This are brand new in the box with full manufacturer warrinty" hmmmmm
  9. yep, we got a couple of inches, but most melted yesterday. then the sleet and freezing rain came this morning. the freaky warm weather in the early parts of january really devastated the local ski resorts. one resort even went down to 1 slope and 1 lift open! i had such big plans on skiing over my vacation...oh well it is cold now so maybe i can squeeze in some slope time on the weekends... note to self: move to switzerland in the alps region...
  10. bottom line is that these ipods are paid for somehow. you get it at the expense of having to sign up for "trial offers" that get all your personal info. once your in that offer, the companies can legally call you with telemarketers, send you spam, etc. there is no free lunch. companies don't survive by just handing out expensive electronics, they are getting paid for "leads" to customers and "trial offers" that might turn into loyal customers. it is all marketing/sales. if you don't mind all the above and the deal is legit...good for you. but if you hate that crap like me...you never sign up for ANYTHING for free. if anyone does this, please post what you find. at least then people will know what they are getting into. as a side note, one type of pyramid scheme is you get a list of names and yours is at the bottom . you send 20 bucks to the guy at the top of the list and erase his name. then you make 10 more lists with your name and you add another persons name to the list below your name. then you mail these out to those 10 people you just added. process continues... the premise is that one day, hundreds/thousands of people will receive a letter with your name at the top of the list and then you start getting 20 bucks in the mail by the handful...ohhhh instant riches!! BUT WHAT REALLY HAPPENS is that only a few people are sending out these fake letters with their names on top waiting for a sucker to send them 20 bucks. they do this to names out of phone books. a few suckers do send money to them, some may even just turn around and slap their names at the top of the list too. bottom line is that they never really work, hence they are illegal in the US. and now you know...and knowing is half the battle.
  11. http://www.redcross.org/ there you can type in your zip code and find a local chapter's phone #, website, and other info. that is a good start. your local news also announces drop sites for supplies and what they need. keep a pen and paper handy near the tv.
  12. let's stop the hijacking here. we can debate religion all day long and who is right vs. wrong. i deleted my earlier religious rant/hijack this thread is about the tragedy that people are suffering as we type these threads. not about what we believe.
  13. moon, sorry if i misunderstood and added to the religious hijacking of this thread. this wave really pulls on the heart when you see so many dead. i can not imagine what it must be like. i have been reading about it all morning...how they don't have enough body bags for the dead, bodies washing up on the shores and unidentifiable, and other horrific things like mass graves. i tried to imagine seeing my wife's body, half naked and wrapped in a sheet, tossed into a big pit with other bodies to be buried just to prevent disease spread....now imagine yourself and all your neighbors going through the same torment of having to bury and leave loved ones like that. for me as an american, 9-11 was bad, the earthquake during the world series was bad, but still no where near the scale of how bad this tragedy is and will be. it crushed me to lose family members to death and disease, but still it may happen once every few years, and when it does, i get to mourn in my house with family and friends comforting me...bringing me food and wishes of better times. these people don't have that, they have crushed and flooded homes (if any at all), everyone wades in a soup of seawater, human remains, sewage, and mud. all the while trying to cope with the massive loss of friends and family. i implore anyone who reads this to do something...even if it is as simple as dropping off clothes or a couple dollars at a collection point. these people are in need of the world's comfort in this time of pain and suffering.
  14. --------DELETED BY TANKHOKIE AS IT WAS A RELIGIOUS HIJACKING------ sorry for the adding to the hijack
  15. ---------------- Also watch out for the PX Nazi, there was an E-7 who's only job was to stand by the finance office and look for uniform flaws. ---------------- oh yeah, that doesn't surprise me. sure do miss garbage like that...for those of you who have never imbibed from the "army's cup of efficiency", crap like that is everyday...usually the result of some O-6 or higher seeing someone who had a ink pen sticking out of their pocket in the PX... ahhh the memories...
  16. yep, phone calls are sooo very nice during a deployment. keeps you grounded and breaks up the tension a little, even if it is for 6 minutes. however, i am sure the elevated call costs are due to paying the civilians to maintain the phones/lines/sat links over in "beheading territory". you gotta remember, defense/offense isn't what these civilians train for day to day back home.
  17. amy, i have always wondered this, and since this thread is all over the place... when you were in that wreck, does everyone's insurance say that the truck was at fault or is it a nasty chain that (in your case) the rear end of your car was not your fault but the front end (and your rear-ending the car in front of you) your fault??? boy that sounded better in my head...let me clarify. since the truck hit the line of cars and they all hit each other, are all the cars innocent and the trucker at fault(insurance wise?)
  18. trying not to be political...really...just as a sorry person... well i tried... bill clinton
  19. door-to-door encyclopedia salesman.
  20. blonde joke: tara reid what a joke indeed new meaning to "dumb blonde" (if you don't get this, just do a google search on "tara reid p-diddy" it is PG-13 rated though)
  21. if your cat is an INDOOR cat only, get it declawed. it is worth it if you value your furniture/grills. spaying/neutering/declawing hurts because it is surgery, but it is one of those things you can do to prevent unwanted behavior. just don't do it if the cat goes outdoors (no defense, ability to climb trees/escape etc.) we tried the pet away sprays to keep cats off the furniture...no effect and you had to re-apply it every week! you could buy a scratching post...but i question if they will abandon your corns as a alternate claw shapener. i guess that is the price we pay to domesticate animals...oh well.
  22. i just can't wait to hear about: "HANGING CHADS" wonder who will screw up this time...ugh
  23. ugh, martinsville is my old hometown. got my pilot license there too. it is really bad to hear about a downed small plane carrying a bunch of family on it... i couldn't imagine losing that many family members in one event.
  24. ---------------- Erukian wrote: But he's right, there are general audio forums where information about whateverbrand from whoknowswhere can be discussed. ---------------- SOLUTION : rename this forum from "powered subwoofers" to "KLIPSCH SUBWOOFERS ONLY"
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